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Do you also like to play battleground war games? If yes then Battle Warship Naval Empire mod apk is a game for you. It is a strategy based game totally suitable for all those who like to experience warfare. This game is a perfect opportunity for you to get the best virtual experience helping you feel like a military personnel. You will be doing a lot of different military related things in the game like strategizing your team for different combat missions.

If you are actually an army game freak then this game is potentially enough to give you an adrenaline rush. In the Battle Warship Naval Empire, you will be a navy commander dominating the warfare. The 3D engaging strategy game gives you an amazing virtual war experience.

For sure, playing this game makes you the admiral of navy fleets and form the strategy for naval warfare. If you are interested to know more about this then read this article to the end. But before going a head must have a glance at Bloons Adventure Time TD & Monster Legends for more fun. 

Main Features of The Game

Battle warship naval empire mod apk is a great strategy game that gives you a lot of resources with unlimited gold, letting you enjoy the game at its fullest. The game has a lot of features that makes it thrilling and some of those features are;

Idle RPG System

This is an idle RPG game that makes you set your fleets fighting while you are busy in something else and the fighting will continue. Here the benefit of its feature idle RPG is that it matches the battle automatically, gains the fleets a lot of new abilities and weapons and upgrades the battleships with skills and powerful weapons too. So whenever you will be back to the battle, all the fleets will be stronger with more potential skills.

Diverse Content for Competition

In the game there is a variety of competition content. You will never be feeling bored in the game as there is a PvE battle in the story in which all the level locations get randomly generated on the map. There is Arena PvP combat in which matches for combat in real military rank from soldiers to generals. Then in the multiplayer PvP battle you will be sailing into the heart of the action. There is also a Guild battle mode in which 8 vs 8 epic fights get played in real time.

Huge Collection of Realistic Warships and Warplanes

The collection of those warships and warplanes of the modern naval system includes light cruisers, destroyers, battleships, heavy cruisers, fighters, submarines and the best one is king of seas, aircraft carrier and the military players should never get missed by.

Guild System for Super Fleet

The game allows you to play and enjoy it with your friends from all over the world. In fact, the fleet guild system gives the players a big platform for chatting on the tactics and strategies of the game and combining team play with the growth of the fleet mechanism.

High Quality Graphics and Clear Sound Effects

The game, Battle Warship Naval Empire mod apk opens you to an exciting story line alongside astonishing graphics with high quality of sound effects and there are stylish cut scenes that creates a surrounding to let you completely get into the game. This guarantees you maximum level of enjoyment.

Special Cards

You have an option to modify your deck alongside improving your chances of survival. You can get XP and upgrade the bases with certain special abilities and enhance your defense system. In fact, if you download the Battle Warship Naval Empire mod apk then you will have unlocked special cards for using whenever needed.

Create unbeatable Alliance

The game gives you the option to create unbeatable alliances and rule all over the world. Also, you can join the alliance and get help from the members with obtaining exclusive gifts. You also have an option to participate in alliance interaction that will raise your rank up to commander level. Note that, every weekend there is an alliance war and the winner becomes the king of the ocean.

A Surprising Strategy Naval War

This is a surprising strategy naval war game that is beyond the usual mobile level. Using a variety of strategies can make you beat all the pirates, thus you can win several rewards. With your alliance members, you can stand and have a war against the sea monsters for obtaining higher rewards. The game has massive GVG and PVG wars that make you destroy your enemies and grab all their resources.

What’s New in This Version?

These are the new things in this version of the game;

  • There is an addition of two new warships that are Zumwalt and Dubna
  • A new Ti energy is added for 14 and 15 star warships
  • There is a new event that is New year Cruise Event
  • There is an addition of new warship instance that is mysterious organization opened
  • The military exercise got optimized
  • The donation event is optimized
  •  In the event shop and monthly pass exclusive, there is an addition of legendary warships and titanium warships.


This is a game for all the military game fans who love tanks, battlefields, submarines and find it interesting. The game is potential enough to provide you accessibility to naval warfare. The gameplay depends on the war strategies, helping the games show their talent in maintaining themselves as a military person in the virtual world.

In the game, you can easily get into a multi-team approach that gets played in the 10v10 mode. Battle Warship Naval Empire gives you the best virtual experience with a lot of battleships, destroyers, cruisers, tanks and all the rest military equipment. There are also conventional multi-mode battles.


To download the Battle Warship Naval Empire mod apk you need to find a reliable and trustworthy link. It is essential because downloading from any link can cause your android to have issues. To find a reliable link to begin downloading. Just wait a bit to allow download and then you need to install.

How to Install?

In fact, the installation of the game is an easy process. Here are the steps to install Battle Warship Mod Apk on your android device.

  1. You also know that the apps that do not belong to the Google Play store are third-party apps and to download them you need to allow the installation on your device. Following this, enable the app installation for unknown sources.
  2. Go to your device settings and search for the option of unknown source and toggle that on to allow installation.
  3. Now go to the downloaded apk file of the game and click it to begin the installation.
  4. Now, wait a bit for the installation to complete. Finally, you are done playing a warfare game with great graphics and sound.

Opinion About The Game

In my opinion, the Battle Warship Naval Empire mod apk is an ideal game choice for all the army game freaks. It features all the equipment and features of the military. In fact, the game makes you experience the virtual world of the military field. All those who love thrill, action, fighting, battles with rewards, weapons and resources then this is a perfect game choice.


How to play battle warship naval empire mod apk?

You can play the game being the part of invincible navy fleets and then game your own naval base and lead the whole fleet having numerous kinds of weapons and skills. You can also do several other things in different modes for more rewards and rank buildup.

What are the carrier’s levels in a warship naval empire?

During game progression, you will get four carriers and all the rest carriers must need to be bought with money, gold or shards. Actually, carriers are the main fighting force for the base. Without a carrier, warships and airplanes are totally useless. And there are different levels for each carrier that can be further upgraded.

How to get tactical packs in battle warship naval empire mod apk?

You need to buy tactical packs in game using your gold or coins. However, if you download the mod apk version then you will have unlimited coins and gold. This will make it easier for you to get tactical packs.

How do you use codes in battle warship naval empire?

To use codes in the game means to redeem codes and you can do this by following the below steps;

  • Go to your profile and then settings
  • Find the Gift Code button and click that
  • A window will open and there you need to enter a valid code

This way you can use codes in Battle Warship Naval Empire mod apk.

How to start a new alliance in battle warship naval empire mod apk?

You can start a new alliance in the game by playing games with your friends. For this, start the game and make your friends join it and then you will be building your own alliance with your own people.

Bottom Line!

Battle warship naval empire mod apk is a perfect game for all military fans. The game takes you to the virtual world of the military with all the weapons, skills and environment. It has amazing graphics and sound too. So you can enjoy it as a whole.

If you are planning to download then hopefully this naval empire guide will help you.

What's new

1. New carrier for disassembly: Battle Warship Anniversary SS can be disassembled
2. New aircraft and its evolution: Frozen Blade
3. New carrier and its evolution: Capricornus
4. New 7-star carrier from evolution - Lincoln SS: Lincoln Special Edition
5. New evolution form of aircraft - Venom PAK FA T-50: Radiation PAK FA T-50
6. New T7 warships
7. Optimization of Warship Mastery
8. Optimization of CIWS System


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