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Download the latest version of Bed Wars MOD APK and enjoy playing all the premium features unlocked for free with unlimited money and keys to winning the battle easily.
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Experience living on an island where you can craft anything and customize your lifestyle. Also, life is not peaceful as there will be wars between people of four islands that will fight to vanish the beds of each other. And the island that will last till the end will be the winner of the Bed Wars MOD APK.

While you play the MOD version of Bed Wars, you have unlimited powers to craft your island the way you want. You can make it the most lavish one and spend your dream life. Also, don’t forget to empower your army with unlimited weapons so that you can win all the Bed Wars challenges. There is no need to worry as all the weapons, money, and powers are unlimited in the MOD version. All you need to do is to strategize your war moves and design the island.

Let’s know more about the Bed Wars MOD APK.

Features of Bed Wars MOD APK

Following are the exciting features that you will enjoy playing in the BedWars update.

Different Modes

You can play any mode of your choice. You can play alone or team up with friends. There are four choices available, 1v1v1v1, 2v2v2v2, 3v3v3v3, and 4v4v4v4. We recommend you try out all modes at least once and determine which one excites you the most. Also, check out which mode is best suitable as per your crafting and warfare skills.

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Variety of Weapons

Unlike other Warfield games, here, you can experience a unique variety of weapons to destroy your opponent’s beds. There will be Bow, Sword, Helmet, Axe, and PickAxe. These weapons may look simple to you, but they are not. As you play the MOD version, so you can enhance the power of these weapons to unlimited. With the Bed Wars unblocked, all these weapons will be as deadly as no one can imagine.

Variety of Skins

Some of the skins are already unlocked in the game. However, you can buy other skins with unlimited coins you have in the MOD Version. Some of the most exciting skins of Bed Wars are Wanderer, Shark, Unicor, and Assassin. As you have Bed Wars MOD APK unlimited money, keys, you can explore and try various skins too. Maybe you end up finding something unique and more destructive.

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Customize Your Avatar

You have the MOD version of Bed Wars download, and you have unlimited access to the coins and money. No matter which avatar you choose, you can customize it the way you want. There are a variety of swords, pets, footprints, and much more. You can try them all and stop when you feel your Avatar is looking the way you want.

You can also customize your avatar for the variety of movements it can make. Try out handstand, warmup, swing, and many other moves and equip your avatar with moves it looks stylish in doing.

Shop Anything for Free

With the Bed Wars MOD APK, you can shop anything for free, whether it is skin, weapon, or anything else. While you go to the ‘Shop’ Menu of the Bed Wars game, select anything to buy; no matter how costly, you can get it without paying anything. This way, you can build a unique island and defeat other’s beds easily.

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Unlimited Money

While you play the original version of Bed Wars, you need to use real money to make in-app purchases. However, there is no need to spend even a single penny when installing the MOD version, as you can enjoy unlimited money. You can use this money to buy any item you want to upgrade your avatar, buy weapons, or design your island.

Unlimited Keys

There are some items in the Bed Wars that you can’t purchase, no matter if you have unlimited coins. You need keys to buy such items, i.e., Prop Privilege, Gold Increase, Rebirth, Double XP, etc. These keys are also unlimited and available for free in this MOD version. Using these keys, you can be immortal, so it will be no more challenging to destroy the beds of your opponents.

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No Ads

As you play any game, you have to watch ads at every exciting moment that makes you feel annoyed. However, there will be no more ads and interruptions as you play the MOD of Bed Wars.

Premium Unlocked

When you play Bed Wars original, there are many premium features that you can only wish to enjoy, but you can’t. However, all the premium features are unlocked and free to play, making the game more fun.

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What’s New in the Latest Version of Bed Wars MOD APK?

Following are the new and exciting features that you can enjoy while installing the latest Bed Wars MOD APK.

  • Bug fixes
  • New skins added
  • More customization options
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Ongoing improvements
  • Better graphics and sound
  • New items added

How to Download Bed Wars MOD APK?

While you want to enjoy all the premium features of Bed Wars for free with the ultimate gaming experience, you have to uninstall it. Yes, you read it right. Uninstall the Bed Wars from your device in the first place. Now, return to this webpage again and click on the ‘Download Bed Wars MOD APK’ button below.

After that, a download page will pop up, and the game will start to download on your device. After the download ends, you can find the MOD APK file of Bed Wars in your device’s File Manager. Before initiating the installation, go to your device’s Settings and ‘Enable’ the ‘Installation from Unknown Sources’. If it is already enabled, go back to the File Manager.

Now, click on the MOD APK file of Bed Wars in the file manager, and it will start installing on your device. The game will be installed in a few moments, and you will be ready to enjoy the ultimate island battlefield.


If you are a Minecraft lover but want to play it with easy controls and more exciting stuff, the Minecraft BedWars game download is an ideal choice for you. Here you will find yourself on an island that you can craft with unlimited items as per your choice. While you design it, develop your army too and make it powerful like never before.

After you are done crafting, be ready to be a part of the war. There are three more islands in the game that will compete with you to win. You have to construct bridges to reach them and empower your army with enough ammunition that you can destroy their bed in no time. Also, make sure while you attack someone, you don’t lose your island. So defense should come first.

This is never easy as there is not a single enemy but three together. You have to keep track of all of them at a time. If you play it alone, there will be three more single players from around the world. However, you can also play the multiplayer mode.

You can team up with your one, two, or three friends to make the team. As per your number of teammates, you will play with the respective opponents from around the globe. So there will be 4, 8, 12, or 16 players in a match. No matter which format you choose, you can win the battle easily as you have the MOD version. Also, your island will be more unique and stylishly designed as you do it through Bed Wars hack unlimited cubes.


How to download Bed Wars MOD APK?

You can download the Bed Wars MOD APK by clicking on the ‘Download Bed Wars MOD APK’ button above, and the game will be downloaded to your device.

How to play Minecraft Bed Wars?

If you play Minecraft, you can still enjoy Bed Wars. Go to the multiplayer settings and enter the ‘’ server. Here you can get the option to play Bed Wars in Minecraft.

What is the code for Bed Wars in Fortnite?

You need to enter the code ‘9982-1445-6825’ to enjoy playing Bed Wars in Fortnite.

How do you play Bedwars on Roblox?

To play Bed Wars in Roblox, go to Controls > Sprint > Open Inventory > Drop Item > Lock Camera > Use Spray > Join Bed Wars.

Bottom Line!

If you are a person who wants to create your world but on an island, Bed Wars is a perfect choice to play. With the MOD version, you get unlimited choices to customize your island to make it your dream island. Also, you get a chance to develop an undefeatable army with ultimate deadly weapons, avatars, and skins. You build the way to other islands to destroy their beds while defending yours.

All the fun continues no matter you play Bed Wars APK alone or with your friends. The joy continues, and the Bed Wars becomes an addiction. So don’t wait much and try it out to master all the skills before your friends explore it.


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