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The castle clash mod apk is another amazing and famous strategic game. In the game, the player needs to build and battle at the same time with various kinds of things and modes. The game gives you a good village that you need to build and develop. There are several great elements of the game like attacking, looting other players, etc.

Both iOS and Android versions of this game are available. This makes it one of the most beautiful and famous strategy games. Castle Clash mod apk gives you a unique gameplay with a lot of building and fighting options that does not let you get bored.

Castle clash mod apk is a popular strategy game from the IGG.COM studio. The game makes you use your creativity to build the strongest empire all around the world from all the animals, elves, dwarves and robots.

If you are interested in strategy games then here are all the details about Castle Clash Age of Legends mod apk.

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for more fun.

Main Features of the Game

This is a great strategy game that enables you to be creative using all the unlimited resources of the game. This way you can enjoy it to its fullest. The game provides you with a lot of features that make it super fun for you. Some of its main features are;

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Customized Hurdles

The game allows you to create customized hurdles for your enemies. In fact, you can decide the placement of hurdles too. The hurdles could be in the form of stones and trees that can help you secure your empire and prevent all the invaders from attacking.

Formation of Army

You have an option to choose different kinds of soldiers that help you in defeating your enemies. Also they help in protecting your kingdom from getting invaded by other players. There is a pretty big range of soldiers with different skills and abilities. You need to make a choice for your army formation.

Battle with Friends

Castle clash mod apk enables you to have fascinating battles with your friends. In fact, you can attack all your friends through the ranking section directly. Moreover, check for the progress rate of your friends so you can try doing better. This battle will be all about destroying the empire of your friend and getting over his resources.

Different Types of Heroes

In Castle of Clash mod apk, there are many different kinds of heroes with different significant powers. Heroes belong to different categories that include, sacrifice heroes, legendary shards heroes, elite heroes, and ordinary heroes.

Potential Spells

In the game there are a lot of potential spells. Those spells work as an extra weapon against your enemies. That also works in your favor, defeating all your opponents. Most of the amazing spells include arrow rain, windstorm, meteor, restoration, guardian angel and a lot more.


There are troops in the game too with rankings. Their rankings are labeled on them with tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3. The types of troops are;

  • Normal Troops: These have the ground units that they can attack quicker than anybody else. The most favorite normal troops are Savage Ogre, Guardian and Hammer Dwarf.
  • Ranged Troops: While attacking on air and ground units, a few ranged troops save you from the attacks flying above you. The favorite ranged troops are Centaur, Hunter and Shotgun dwarf.
  • Magic Troops: These ones are the most breakable ones alongside creating the most noticeable damage to the base. The most famous of the magic heroes are Griffin, Pyromancer and Fairy Dragon.
  • Destructive Troops: These kinds of troops initially hit the towers and then all the other parts of the base. The best ones of all destructive troops are Mecha Man, Ornithopter and Treant.


Castle clash guild royale mod apk features many different kinds of fights and each has different scenarios. All the battle modes have completely different entertainment and working levels.

Its raid mode is about attacking the base of other players without their allowance or consent. In fact, in this mode you can also snatch 25 % of their resources if you are raided by any other player and your base is destroyed up to 50 %. If this is the case then no one for the next 10 hours can attack your castle.

The heroes of the game have Dungeons with all the controlled bases. It is the entrance to any of the bases with several different hurdles to make the game more interesting for the players.

Customized Empire Building

The game makes you build your own customized territory with all the controls to run your empire. You have a diverse range of building types to choose from. Each of the buildings have a different purpose.


The consistency and surroundings can confuse you in the game but the maps are quite diverse and clear that can help you stay uniform with your ways.

Collection of Pets

This is something really unique and fascinating that you can have all your favorite pets while playing castle clash mod apk. Another great thing is that you will be having pets like heroes which will help you defeat your enemies too. Particularly for your pets, you can have a separate plaza. There is quite a big range of pets each with different abilities so you can choose and adopt the ones you like the most.

What’s New in This Version?

The new things included in the game are;

  • There are two new heroes, Cold Conjuress and Barbarian Rider
  • There is an addition of enchantment, Lethal Blow
  • New super pets are added, Frost Titan and Mutant Frost Titan
  • A new feature of adeptness and five new insignias are included in the game
  • There is an addition of 10 new levels to hero skin enhancement
  • All the game quests are improved
  • All the unlocked conditions are adjusted
  • Multiple bugs are fixed that priory hindered the game functioning


Castle clash is an ideal game that gives you the fusion of strategy and tower defense game. It is an actual multi-play MMORTS game that enables you to fight with other players and play against trolls, hordes of orcs, goblins or any other skeletons offline. Castle clash is an amazing combination of several different elements that are a part of most of the modern games like strategy games and RPGs.

The game gives players complete freedom for deciding whenever and wherever they want to play with different customization options too. For sure, the game is truly amazing with a great deal of surprises and fun.


This game app is easy to download, simply find out any reliable source to download the app on your device or else bugs can attack. After finding out the link, simply click that and wait for the modified apk version to download. After downloading you need to install it on your device.

How to Install?

The installation of the app is easy. Here are the steps you need to follow;

  1. This is a modified version of an application which definitely belongs to a third party so you need to permit it to install on your phone.
  2. For permission, go to your device setting and click on the button on unknown sources. Toggle that on to let the apk file install on your device.
  3. After this, go to your download file, click that and your installation will begin.
  4. Wait a bit for the installation to end and now you are ready to enjoy a great building and battling game.

Opinion about the Game

Castle clash mod apk is one of the fantastic games in my opinion. It has a lot of features with customization options that boost up the user’s experience. Besides this, the pet feature in the game is totally lovable. The best thing is that if you download its mod apk version you will get castle clash mod apk unlimited gems and money. So this way you can enjoy the game more. So if you like to fight and build things then this is a perfect game option for you.


What Is Castle Clash Mod APK Private Server?

You can create a private server to play the game with your family and friends. Or you also have an option to join any of the already made private servers by somebody else.

How to Play Castle Clash Free Strategy Mod APK?

Besides the gameplay thing, our suggestion to you is to play the strategy game with a lot of patience. There is nothing to rush or panic about. Keep in mind what you want and build your empire following that and choose all the best suitable state protectors for your empire. All you need to do is to work hard in the game with your mind open, defeating your enemies and building your empire.

Is Castle Clash Mod APK Safe For Under-Age Players?

There is nothing wrong in the game. But still some of the graphics, hero’s costumes and excessive destruction could be offensive for under age players.

Is It Possible To Play Castle Clash Mod APK Offline?

It is possible but you cannot enjoy it. The reason behind this confusing answer is that only a few features of the game are available offline. You need internet connection to enjoy the game to its fullest.

What Are The Best Versions Of Castle Clash Mod APK?

Actually, this depends on what the player likes. Castle clash mod apk 1.5.3, Castle Clash mod apk 1.5.4 and castle clash mod apk 1.3.4 are the best versions.

Is Castle Clash Mod APK iOS Available?

Yes, the iOS version of the game is available and you can download it using the Tweakbox app on your Apple device.

Final Words

For sure, Castle clash mod apk is a wonderful game filled with a lot of features. The best thing is the fusion of creativity with action that you can build things alongside battling from your enemies using weapons and stuff. There are a lot of customization options that doubles up the fun. This is a super fun to play strategy game that mostly gamers love.


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