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Are you a battle royale gaming enthusiast but got bored due to similarly themed games on the Play Store? If yes, no worries, we have got something very exciting for you. Today we are introducing you to the Cyber Hunter APK. Yes, it is an action-packed battle royale but not a traditional one. It is a next-generation game that is the dream world of gaming lovers. NetEase developed this game.

Wondering how it is better? You can do the shooting, go on expeditions, show your action, climb any surface, swim or dive in water like crazy, and roam in deserts and mountains to explore the new world. Also, any of these terrains can be your battlefield. In short, you will never get bored with the variety of things to do.

Furthermore, as you play Cyber Hunter APK, there will be everything unlimited. You can buy any weapon or character you want. You can also boost the power of weapons you use, and all this will be free. In this version, you already get unlimited coins, diamonds, costumes, powers, boosters, anything you can name. Your enemies will have to pay for it to compete with you, and if they do not, there is no competition for you in the game. Are you excited to enjoy it? Before that, let’s know more about the game. Must check Genshin Impact , an RPG adventure game that take place in the fictional land of teyvet.

Before moving down must check PK XD & Pokemon Go, an another adventure game that will make you love to play.

One Hundred Player Land


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Features of Cyber Hunter APK

The features that Cyber Hunter Epic Games offer are matchless; let’s learn about them before you play.

Design Your Character

If you want to design your characters like yourself or some you like, this game is for you. With this next-generation game, face-shaping art is beyond imagination. There are plenty of costumes and cosmetic designs available that you can explore to create an ideal character. Also, these all are available free of cost as you play the Cyber Hunter Hack version.

Tactical System

Many battle royale games offer tactical skills that you use to defeat your enemies in the game. But, ever heard of creating your own tactical system? Maybe not. However, it is possible with the Cyber Hunter game download. Now you can create your customized fire support, invisible barriers, and optical camouflages that your enemy can’t even think of.

Stylish Moves

You can feel like a superhero while playing Cyber Hunter Cheat mode. No matter what you wish for, you can make that move. You are free to dive into the deep sea or climb up a high mountain or roll down back. You can also glide in the sky to dodge your enemy and change your move before they can know it. Furthermore, you can even do acrobatics.

Explore the World

Ever wished for a world tour and to explore all the terrains? In Cyber Hunter APK, you are free to visit temples far away in the deserts or do a free fall from a hundred-meter-high waterfall. Do what you want and make your dreams come true in the virtual world.

Besides, you can fight your enemies in every terrain, whether mountains or deserts. Experience real-world battles with endless weapons to make sure you win it.

Try Your Own Super Tactics


Cyber Hunter weapons are amazing and versatile. You find unique and powerful weapons in every terrain you go fighting your enemies. You can get Cyber Hunter best guns for free while playing the version. This way, you can easily defeat your enemies.

Everything Unlimited

While you play Cyber Hunter by downloading it from the Play Store, you have to struggle to earn money to buy premium stuff or spend real money to buy it. Not anymore, as with Cyber Hunter APK unlimited money, diamond, and everything, there is no need to struggle or pay real money. Everything is already unlocked, or you can buy it with unlimited money and diamonds available.


If you love to play action games with your friends, be happy as Cyber Hunter Crossplay is available. Now you can play it with your friends online and enjoy this amazing battle royale together. You can also partner with each other to play against other enemies.


It is an exciting feature of Cyber Hunter by which you can unlock new skills and weapons for your character. You can also customize your fighting equipment with this feature. If you have to climb up a hill speedily, you can customize your gloves to help you out.

Also, if your enemy has created a defensive structure and is confident that you can’t break it, he is wrong. By customizing your gun, you can shot down his whole defense line in a single shot. All you need to do is to know exactly what each weapon can do while you customize it so that you can do it correctly and harm your enemy with little to no effort.

Pre Equip Yourself

While you enter any battle, you surely have an idea of what it is going to be. So, here you can gather all the weapons and auxiliaries you will need to fight that battle.

Safe to Play

Versions of games are not trusted ones as they may hack the data of your phone. But no worries, we are providing you here with the 100% safe Cyber Hunter APK that will cause you no harm. You can enjoy it with unlimited everything for free without any cost.

No Root

To install Cyber Hunter APK, there is no need to root your Android phone. You can install it directly, and there will be no harm to your device.


While installing Cyber Hunter APK, you get to enjoy aimbot and wallhack that make shooting your enemy easy. Furthermore, you can enjoy unlimited credits and VCoins to buy your favorite skins and heroes. Besides, you can steal supply boxes more easily and quickly.

All Objects are Climable


Each of the characters of Cyber Hunter possesses some unique qualities, and they use their tactical skills to defeat enemies. You can play it alone to defeat enemies or partner with your friends online to have a dynamic and more powerful army. You can earn and loot the weapon and auxiliaries to power up your character and advance in the game.

Before entering a battlefield in any terrain, you can plan how you enter and equip yourself with all the necessary guns and weapons. Also, you can familiarize yourself with the weapons before the battle starts in actuality. After that, while you are on the battlefield, make sure your safe zone doesn’t shrink so that your enemy can harm you.

If you lose, observe the circumstances and make your next attack more planned and better. Strategize your next move before you take it. This way, no one can stop you from being a leader on the board.

What’s New in the Latest Version of Cyber Hunter APK?

Following are the new additions to the latest version of Cyber Hunter. These improvements have made the game more exciting.

  • A new character, Doctor Deathwoord, along with his army of Cyber-Knights.
  • The game is now more interactive with the addition of new characters.
  • Improved graphics made it more exciting and thrillful.
  • You can play Full Squad with five players to rescue someone from dying.
  • Leader Boards and Challenges are also added.
  • You can choose your mission then fight for survival.
  • Now you can use quantum cubes that help you in boosting your weapons.

How to download Cyber Hunter APK on Android?

Before you download the  new version of Cyber Hunter on your Android device, make sure you have a compatible device. The Cyber Hunter Android requirements are Android 4.1 or above. If you have it, make sure you uninstall the official version of the game. After that, click on the ‘Download Cyber Hunter APK’ button below. It will redirect you to the download page.

Now enable the ‘Installation from Unknown Sources’ option in your device’s settings. Meanwhile, the download will be complete. Now find the APK file of Cyber Hunter in the File Manager of your device and initiate the installation. After a few moments, the game will be installed on your phone, and you are ready to play it.

How to download Cyber Hunter APK on PC?

Some people prefer playing games on PC due to the big screen they have. No worries, we are here to guide you through Cyber Hunter PC free download. For this purpose, you need to install an Android Emulator on your PC. We recommend you install Cyber Hunter BlueStacks. Alternatively, you can also install Cyber Hunter GameLoop.

After installing the Android Emulator, click on the ‘Download Cyber Hunter APK for PC’ button below. It will redirect you to the download page, and the game will be downloaded on your PC. Now install it using BlueStacks or GameLoop and enjoy it.


Is Cyber Hunter better than PUBG?

The Cyber Hunter and PUBG are two different games, although both lie in the battle royale category. Cyber Hunter is a science fiction game with cartoonish graphics, and the physics of both games are different. If you got bored of PUBG, you would surely love it.

Can I play Cyber Hunter MOD APK on PC?

Yes, you can install Cyber Hunter MOD APK on your PC through an Android Emulator, i.e., BlueStacks.

Is Cyber Hunter free to play?

Yes, it is free to download and play, but you will have to make in-app purchases to buy premium features. However, you can get everything for free by installing Cyber Hunter MOD APK.

How can I get unlimited coins in Cyber Hunter?

You need to uninstall the original version of Cyber Hunter and install the MOD version. Everything, including unlimited coins, is available for free in this MOD version.

Is the customized character feature in Cyber Hunter mod APK free?

Yes, the customized character feature in the Cyber Hunter game is free.

Can we download the Cyber Hunter mod APK from the Play Store?

You can not download the Cyber Hunter MOD APK from the Play Store; instead, you can download it from our website.

Is Cyber Hunter mod APK version is launched by the original developers PlayDead?

Not at all, Cyber Hunter MOD APK file is not released by the original developers PlayDead and we suggest not to use it.

Is downloading Cyber Hunter mod apk unlimited money and everything safe?

As Cyber Hunter MOD APK is not launched by the original developers so its installation on the mobile device is not safe. You can download and install it at your own risk.

What to do if I have already installed Cyber Hunter mod APK on my mobile device?

We suggest you to uninstall the Cyber Hunter MOD APK game from your mobile as it infringes the rights of the real owner and it is not safe to use.


When you are bored of playing old battle royale games and want to try something new, nothing is better than Cyber Hunter. And when you get everything unlocked for free with the version, you can’t stop playing it for long hours. Overcome your fears and dive deep in the sea, explore the desserts, climb the mountains, or glide into the sky.

In short, nothing is impossible when it comes to Cyber Hunter APK. So try it out yourself and enjoy playing with your friends because we are sure you would like it.



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