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Download FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK latest version to enjoy unlimited money and gems to unlock all characters and win all the battles easily.
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Playing shooting games on your smartphone is something you love and always look for a game that gives you the most thrilling experience. If so, FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK is the perfect fit for you. It is an online shooting game with an interactive environment that enables users to take full advantage of all combat features.

FRAG Pro Shooter, a real-time action game with lots of features. In the gaming world, it offers a wide variety of options, such as shooting, racing, strategy, puzzles, and more. Due to these features, FRAG MOD APK is popular in the action genre with countless variations to entertain players.

Moreover, the game is competitive, so you have to cooperate with your teammates to win. However, when you play the MOD version, everything unlocks for free, and you proceed in the game soon.

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Features of FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK

Let’s have a look at the impressive features of the MOD version of the FRAGshooter game.

A Flexible Control Mechanism

In FRAG, the gameplay is rich and varied; even the pace will change suddenly, causing the player to lose momentum. Despite this, it has an excellent control system packed with many features to ensure a comfortable experience for the players.

The control mechanisms of each character will be different. Each character will have a skill set and individual stats. Moreover, the game has a user-friendly control interface that is customizable according to players’ preferences.  The game also has convenient features that will make it simple for players to beat their opponents.

70+ Different FRAG Characters

The FRAG characters system is diverse, with unique abilities like attack and defense. Therefore, build the best fighting squad with your teammates. Dan, Dr. Frost, Jet, Jay B, and Big Paku are the characters that accompany you in the opening battles. You can find a list of characters with their respective fighting abilities by scrolling down in the MOD version, as all are unlocked. Slime, Freeze-B, and many more heroes instantly can impress any player.

Each character has a different weapon and role in the team, so choosing one will affect your approach to the game and the team’s tactics.

Be sure to keep upgrading your character to unlock more great skills by free shopping. Join the PvP arena to prove yourself, beat all, and become the legend that you dream of becoming!

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Fantastic Graphics

FRAG Pro Shooter features amazing color graphics and lots of action phases. A 3D platform will give you a great visual experience in the game’s environment. The scientifically designed interface makes manipulating the character easy. The sound is also very lively and exciting.

Guns of Boom MOD APK unlimited money and nice visuals attract many players to this game. Also, there is very dynamic gameplay, both offline and online.

There will be various maps that change with each match, so it’s important to remember these maps so you can find where to hide, stay safe, and avoid enemy attacks.

Customize & Upgrade Characters

There are many stylish clothes in an elegant, sexy, youthful style, but which do you prefer? The upgrading of characters is also important in regular combat participation.

With each upgrade, the character gains a new level. However, many stats are available, such as Hitpoints, Speed, Respawn Delay, Damage/Seconds, Weapon Range, and Victory Gold Perks. You can upgrade the entire place with just one click.

Kill As Many Opponents As You Can

The overall experience of playing FRAG Pro Shooter is relatively straightforward. The auto-fire feature will activate when an enemy is present. The support screen for FRG Pro Shooter helps control the character without too many operations. You can use up to five characters during a battle.

In FRAGS, you don’t have to be the same character always. Every time you die, you can revive and choose the remaining four characters. A winning team will be the one who kills the most opponents at the end of the game.

Superb Transition

The game features seamless character transitions that allow you to switch between characters after you die. This feature is essential for the continuity of gameplay. The control over the character makes gaming more enjoyable. You can get all legendary cards in FRAG Pro Shooter once you complete your cycle chest.

Create And Join Clubs

FRAG shooting MOD APK is divided into clubs across the country and worldwide. You can join the club and chat with other players. Additionally, this is an easy place to learn combat skills.

Players can create their clubs with 1000 gold. To stand above the rest, you must first have the fighting ability that other players admire.

Create, Customise, And Upgrade Your Crew

The FRAG has a massive, diverse, and rich character system to make it more appealing than other games. Various characters will be available for players to choose from, from skills to weapons. Each character can only use one weapon and has a separate skill set, making them the center of attention.

In the MOD APK version, you can unlock these features that are not available in the standard FRAG app. Skills will vary according to a character’s class, so their moves and performance will differ. There is no doubt that players can work together to achieve a higher win rate, and even players must be perfect with selected characters.

Interact with 20 Million Players

Popular games like this are hard to find! There are more than 20 million players from all over the world. As a result, you can expect to interact with characters with different levels of expertise. You’ll need to master the tricks used by your opponents to maximize your chances of killing them.

Make Friends, Get Victories, & Become A Superstar

FRAG Pro Shooter unlimited money and diamond is the best first-person shooter that many people are waiting for. As you have the MOD, you can buy unlimited weapons so that you will achieve more. A high total achievement point will boost a player’s reputation, and big clans can now invite them.

The game has its own rewards system. It is based on the player’s achievement score, costumes, effects, and other things for a better gaming experience. So there will be more rewards with the MOD version.

What’s New in the Latest Version of FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK?

You will enjoy the following updates in the latest version of FRAG Pro Shooter androeed ru games MOD APK.

  • Bug fixes
  • New characters unlocked
  • New items unlocked
  • Ongoing improvements
  • Smooth gameplay

How To Download FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK?

It’s easy to download the modded version of any game. A person with a little knowledge of Android can easily install it without spending a single penny. This guide can be helpful to you if you are new to the FRAG download process and don’t know how to do it.

Before installing this modded version of FRAG Pro Shooter, you must uninstall any previously installed game versions. In such cases, you may be unable to install the game.

Step 1: To download, click the ‘Download’ button. Then you will be redirected to the FRAG Pro Shooter download page.

Step 2: Now, you can download your game by clicking the ‘Start Download’ button. In a few seconds, the download will begin.

Step 3: Go to File Manager and open the APK file that you downloaded. If an application is not installed from the File Manager for the first time, it will ask for specific permissions.

Step 4: Click on ‘Settings’ to allow all the required permissions.

Step 5: Once you have allowed the permissions, go back to the File Manager and try to re-install the APK file. Hopefully, the installation will proceed without error this time.


It is a full action-packed game, so the pace of each set is fast, and player flexibility is required for success. Although it’s a first-person shooter, this game’s gameplay offers many similarities to League of Legends, so there will be a lot of fun.

It is different because you have to coordinate with your teammates, play carefully, and remember the terrain, maps, characters, etc. The players can enjoy various game modes, including team fighting, competitive, flag-capture, etc.

Players have various gameplay options, such as playing with friends or creating professional teams to compete in countless exciting events. Players will also enjoy the vivid 3D graphics in this first-person shooter action game.

The action happens between your team and other players in the frog shooter game. There will be a random selection of teams from around the globe, each representing their respective nation. In a single match, there are usually two teams from the same country.

The goal is to score as many points as you can with your team. It is not a life-and-death battle; you have unlimited lives. However, each death gives the opposing team an advantage. So don’t give them a chance to win.

The battles in this gameplay are not too long. Do not rush into the enemy’s territory alone. Stay in contact with your teammates and make strategies together.

The MOD menu unlock all characters, and each character has a distinct fighting style. You should make sure you can attack well if you change characters.

The game also offers players a chance to compete in simultaneous real-time battles and one-on-one battles to determine who is better. A unique automatic shooting mode allows easy controls. Death during a match will not be tragic because the fight will continue after switching to another character.

You can choose from over 60 incredible FRAG hero, each with their abilities. You can experiment with playing them to know their weaknesses and strengths. Make your battle deck, use combo punches, and upgrade the strength of your heroes. Start your club or join an existing one to grow your power and become a famous player!

You should have good reflexes, speed, and accuracy to be successful. The tactical factor is also crucial to the outcome of the game. Coordinate and communicate effectively with your teammates, occupy key positions on the map, and deprive your opponents of their big goals.

Attacking an opponent’s shield will give you many points, but be careful because they may attack you at any time. Furthermore, the Recovery Box can help you heal after a battle.


What is the gift code for FRAG Pro Shooter?

The gift codes for FRAG Pro Shooters can get free diamonds and other kinds of items. These are only valid for a short period, so avail them soon. However, you do not need any code in the MOD version as you have unlimited diamonds and everything unlocked already.

What is the best character in FRAG Pro Shooter?

There are dozens of powerful characters in the FRAG Pro Shooter game, and some of the best ones include JET, Cipher, Dunkan, Blot, and many others.

What is the best deck in FRAG Pro Shooter?

The strongest ladder deck is boss lucha soldatron ronin and blot. The best tournament deck is boss lucha soldatron blot and desporados.

What is the highest win streak in FRAG Pro shooter?

Historically, the highest win streak consisted of an impressive 100 consecutive wins – indeed, a victory to be proud of.

How to download FRAG Pro Shooter in PC?

It’s easy to install FRAG Pro Shooter on your computer in 3 simple steps.

  • Download an Android Emulator
  • Now Install the Emulator on your Windows PC
  • Start the Emulator and type FRAG Pro Shooter in the search bar once it has been installed. Click Search. Your desired app will appear immediately. The Emulator Software will display FRAG Pro Shooter. Click Install to install the game.


FRAG Pro Shooter is an exciting online shooting game with an infinite pack of weapons and exciting features. To get more rewards after each battle, remember to complete your daily tasks.

It lets you customize the gameplay and build your dream team from a variety of characters. Its easy-to-use controls and rich gaming experience have made it famous all over the world. So try it out with your friends and have fun.


No doubt, FRAG Pro Shooter is a unique game with much exciting stuff to experiment with. Whatever age you are in, you can try it out to have fun. However, make sure not to make it an addiction.

What's new

Welcome to the 1.9.4 update!
Piper Reese our Hollywood Star and FRAG host fights her Nemesis : Evil Piper
Try to unlock Piper Reese and Evil Piper in their respective Challenge Events.
Discover our new event : Ladies Fight, from November 12th till November 14th, and from November 26th till November 28th.



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