How To Install APK On Amazon Fire Stick?

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In this article, we will be showing you how to install APK on Amazon Fire Stick using your PC. But before that, let’s and explore APKs and the device Amazon Fire Stick. This way, you will better understand the need to install APKs on FireStick.

Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick is a USB-like device that converts your usual TV turns it into a Smart TV. It is plugged into an HDMI port at the back of the TV. It is programmed with the Android Operating System to download apps, play games, and enjoy different Android features. The device is voice-controlled and also has a remote to give commands. There is a micro-USB charging slot present on it which is used to charge the device.

Because it is a small and compatible device, it is something very convenient and useful.

By plugging in an Amazon Fire Stick, the users can enjoy watching videos from the internet, downloading apps, music, and much more, playing games, etc. The internal storage of the Fire Stick is up to 5 GB, and it also comes with a built-in Amazon store from which you can download many apps.

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APK is an acronym for ‘Android Package’ or ‘Android Package Kit’. An APK is a software file that your Android device installs whenever you install an app. So, an APK file is the main component that initiates or starts the installation and runs the app. Through an APK, you can install and use any app that is unavailable on your device. All you need is the APK File itself and a mode of transferring it.

Why Should I Install an APK File on Amazon Fire Stick?

Amazon Fire Stick has the Android operating system as its built-in software. The operating system has a security barrier protecting the device from suspicious data, changes, and apps. But because of this system, you might be missing out on some of the most useful, creative, and interesting apps ever created.

The system blocks any apps that were created by a third party or apps with unrecognized authorization. By using an APK file, you can easily install and use the apps you cannot otherwise. If you are a developer, you can also download apps under development or trials for testing.

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Installing APK on Amazon Fire Stick

As the Amazon Fire Stick does not install certain apps directly, we can use APK files to install those apps to run them on the TV. Many methods are available on the internet, but most of them are for technical users. But we won’t go to those. There are some easy methods given below; you can choose from them based on your preference.

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 ADB Debugging

You can easily install APK on your Fire Stick by following these easy steps:

  1. Turn on your Amazon Fire Stick TV.
  2. Look at the top-right corner of your screen and find the Settings.
  3. Once the setting is on, locate My Fire TV.
  4. Then go to Developer’s Option.
  5. There you’ll see two options; ADB Debugging and Apps From Unknown Source.
  6. Turn both options on.

ADB Debugging is necessary to install an APK file from an unknown source. Once you have debugged your TV, you can now use any method to install an APK File, but the method given below is easier.

Using PC

If you have a personal computer, you can also install APK files on your TV using it.

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First, you will have to download the required APK File on your computer. Once you have downloaded the file, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your TV and personal computer are connected to the internet.
  2. Turn on the Amazon Fire Stick.
  3. Go to search and then type in ‘ES File Explorer’.
  4. Select the File Explorer icon.
  5. Click the download option to download the explorer.
  6. Open the app. It will ask for some permissions. Accept them all.
  7. Then look for the View on PC on the screen.
  8. Click it. Then it will display a screen showing WiFi networks.
  9. Click the Turn On button.
  10. It will show an FTP address on the screen.
  11. Go to your PC and open any folder. Type the FTP in the status bar and press enter.
  12. All the folders that your Amazon Fire Stick contains will be displayed on your PC. Now select your desired folder and copy-paste your APK file there.
  13. Go back to your Fire Stick and Click the Home button.
  14. Now open the folder in which you saved the APK File on your Fire Stick.
  15.  Click the file and Install it!

And that’s it! Your APK file is now installed on your Amazon Fire Stick and ready to use.


It is to be noted that you cannot trust all unknown sites! When you download and install any file through an unknown source, it becomes very risky for your device because the file may contain scams or viruses. Your device can also be hacked, or it could steal your valuable data. Therefore you should use only trusted sources to keep your device free of risks.


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