How to Install APK On Android TV?

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A television or TV has been a wonderful source of entertainment throughout the years for all generations. A TV which was once a box set on top of a table at the corner of our homes is now a slim, technologically advanced screen hanging on our walls. The same TV can now perform most of the functions a mobile can. That means we can run Android apps on it. So the question arises of how to install APK on Android TV.

Although all kinds of entertainment experiences such as movies, songs, games, sports, and apps are provided by the smart TV, you might notice that you cannot find all apps on the TV because it cannot be installed from the app store or says that your TV is not compatible with it.

If you happen to find yourself in such a situation, then worry not because, in a few steps, you will be able to enjoy your preferable apps on your Android TV!

APK and its Function

APK is an acronym for ‘Android Package’ or ‘Android Package Kit’. An APK is a file your Android device installs whenever you install an app. So, an APK file is what initiates the installation and working of an app.

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Why Do I Need to Install an APK File on My Android TV?

Apps have a vast and fruitful usage on TVs, but some apps are not accessible through Play Store and will fail to run on a smart TV. To get these apps on your TV, you can manually install an APK file of that app. It will allow the app to install and run on the TV easily.

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Installing an APK File on Android TV

Before installing an APK file on your smart TV, you must allow the device to install apps from unknown sources. Play Store applies many restrictions and filters on an app to prevent the installation of viruses and scam apps. For this, the device does not allow downloading apps from any other source instead of the Play Store. You can change this setting by working on the following steps:

  • Open the Settings on your Android TV. You can access it in the Gear icon.
  • Look for an option Security and Restrictions.
  • After clicking on the option, a window can be seen of ‘Unknown sources’.
  • Click or check on the option, and a warning message will appear.
  • Click accept and proceed with installing your APK file.
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3 Effortless Ways To Install APK On Android TV

After enabling the Unknown Source option, you can now install APK files on your TV in the following ways.

Using Cloud or Online Storage

Firstly, if a remote control is not your preferred means of typing, then be sure to connect a keyboard for your comfort and ease. Then proceed with the following steps:

  • Go to the Play Store and install the ES File Explorer (or any file explorer you prefer) on your TV.
  • Download the APK file that you are willing to install.
  • Now upload or save the APK file on a cloud or online storage such as Google Drive or DropBox.
  • Go to your Android TV and open the installed File Explorer.
  • In the File Explorer, look for the Network option and then click Cloud.
  • At the top right corner, find the New button.
  • Now select the cloud storage.
  • Log in to your cloud storage.
  • Find the APK file you want to install.
  • And download it on your TV.
  • Tap on install when a menu appears.

After tapping install, it will install your app on your Android TV to use.

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Using ADB

If you have ADB, then you can use it to install apps on your TV by using the following steps:

  • Look for the Gear icon on your TV, tap it to go to Settings.
  • Once in settings, you will find the About option. Open it.
  • Then, click on the Build option a few times.
  • By clicking it a few times, you will be able to turn on the Developers Options.
  • A notification will appear which says ‘You’re a developer now’.
  • Now you will see Preferences on the settings list.
  • In Preferences, scroll down to find USB Debugging and click it.
  • Accept and grant the permissions that appear.
  • Now connect your TV to your computer through a USB cable.
  • Look for the folder in which your desired APK file is saved.
  • Go to the empty space in the folder and while pressing down Shift, right-click on the screen.
  • A list is opened. Click the Open Command Window here on the list.
  • Another window opens on your screen.
  • On your TV screen, type ‘ADB Devices’ and press enter.

You will have to run a few more commands, and then you will be able to install the APK to your smart TV.

Using a USB

Following is the method to install APK on Android TV through USB.

  • Choose the APK file that you want to install on your TV and download it on your PC.
  • Transfer the downloaded APK on a USB.
  • Go to the Play Store and install the ES File Explorer (or any file explorer you prefer) on your TV.
  • Now open the File Explorer and go through the storage devices list.
  • Find your USB device name on the list.
  • Open it, and look for your APK file where you stored it.
  • Now select the file, an installation wizard will install it.

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What if the Installed APK File Does Not Open?

Most of the devices do not permit or run files that are downloaded from an unknown source. If the file you have installed does not open or run on your Smart TV, you can go to the Play Store and download the Sideload Launcher. It will collect and display the APK files present on the TV. You can open and run your file from here.


It is to be noted that you cannot trust all unknown sites! Downloading and installing anything from an unknown source gives your device an open risk of scams, viruses, hacking, and data theft. Therefore you should use only trusted sources to keep your device free of risks.


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