How to Install Apk on Android without File Manager

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Do you know how to install apk on an android device without using any file manager? If not, then you are at the right place. Here is the article to help you with this. Most probably, if you are looking for a way to install an apk file then this means that you already know enough. Here we are mentioning all the details about it so you can download it with ease. For sure, it is great to be detailed with these kinds of things. This way you will learn a new thing in quite a detailed way.

Let’s initiate from the beginning about this apk thing and its installation.

About APK

APK is simply an abbreviation for Android Application Package. This made it clear that it compresses the application to let you use it with the android operating system. Consider this as an installer and you will understand that it has all the files that are required for the application to install and make it run on your device.

If you are wondering then this is the application that is under Google Play Store and you find it when you search and install an app. However, this clears out the need of using the Play Store and you can download directly. You can directly find any particular APK you are looking for and install it directly on your devices.

Why To Use APKs?

If you need to use a certain version of an application that is not available on the play store, simply install the APK version of the file from Google. This is the main reason to use APKs.

Also, if you already have an APK and don’t have the internet , you need to use it. The thing is that Google play store is totally dependent on the internet and without it, it is of no use. If this is the case, then APK is the only way you have for application installation. However, this needs you to have it already on your device.

Note that, there are just a few ways to get APK files on your device. However, it is not quite common to find such sites that have all sorts of APKs. You consider using APKs because it is convenient and works way too well.

Methods to Install APK on Android without File Manager:

Take a look below, here are the three methods for apk installation without a file manager. All those are mentioned here in detail. Read and understand that thoroughly so you can choose whichever seems workable for you.

Method 1: Using ADB:

ADB is an abbreviation for Android Debug Bridge. It is one of the quite potential tools that controls a lot of things concerning your android device. Here are the steps to use it for apk installation.

1. Install ADB on your PC or MAC:

This is not a really big deal. Simply install it on your Linux from the command line. Or if you use Mac or Windows then download and install in the usual way.

2. Drivers:

You need to make sure that you have appropriate drivers installed on the machine that you are going to use.

3. A Reliable Cable:

You need to have a reliable USB cable for the connection of the android device to the machine. Note that any cable will not be suitable for it. You should have appropriate and reliable cable. Most of the unexpected errors occur due to the cable and data transfer gets stuck. Must assure to use a thick cable. The best would be the one that comes with your device, the original one.

After installation of everything with all the configurations, simply do the last step. In your ADB, type the following command – adb install path:app:apk. Path means your file location and app.apk means the name of your package.

Method 2: The Terminal Emulator:

There is a specific way of using a terminal and this is the reason it is said to be a Terminal Emulator. Of course, this option is only available to you if you have already installed it on your device.

Also, you can get into certain strange errors during the process so it requires root permissions.

After meeting all the above errors, here are the steps you should follow;

  1. Open the Terminal Emulator app. The app will be on the launcher and you need to find it.
  2. Type SU to get the superuser permission for the session.
  3. Now you need to navigate to the folder that has APK. There are two commands that help for this. The first one is cd that enables you to change the directory to the one you specify. The second command is ‘Is’ that consists of all the available directories within your current directory. At a time you get inside the folder with your APK, now you are eligible to move to the final step.
  4. Finally, you can install the apk and for this simply type pm install name.apk. Name means the name of your application.

Now you are done with the installation. It depends on your terminal emulator if you got the confirmation message. If there is no confirmation message so you will get a prompt that shows you it went well.

Method 3: The Browser:

This method is the simplest of all. However, this one is not quite reliable. It needs you to have an installed browser. Due to this, you need to try if it works for you.

Follow these steps to launch the apk installer within the browser.

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Type command that is file:///sdcard/name.apk. Name here will be the name of your app.

Final Words

These are the methods that you can follow for installing apk on android without using file manager. All you need is to make sure to follow the step guide properly. This way you can surely install apk without file manager or any hassles.

Hope this guide helps you to get your desired apk.

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