How to Install APK on PC?

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Do you know anything about APK files or how and why to install them?  We are talking about how to Install APK on PC because these are much more powerful than Mobiles. PCs or windows on their own cannot recognize an APK file. To run them on the desktop, you need to follow the following different steps according to your need.

These methods include:

  • Android SDK setup
  • Android emulator installation (BlueStacks and Nox)
  • Android studio
  • ARC welder

For the successful running of APK files on window 10 or a modern desktop, these are a few methods. Users will find all these methods useful based on their different requirements.

What are APK Files?

APK means “Android Package Kit”. It is an app purposely made for Androids for the installation and distribution of apps. These are in archive file format and contain all the additional information for app installation. This archive possesses the following files and directories:

  • Application certificate

Some websites also offer APK files for manual downloading, but you need to be careful in this case for malware. When we go to the Google Play Store for downloading, APK files are automatically downloaded with the apps.

Why do we Use APK files?

Through APK files, we can download the following:

  • Region restricted apps
  • Latest Google updates
  • Apps not available in Google Play Store
  • Leaked apps

These all kinds of downloads mentioned above are useful if you use legit websites for downloading. You can use our website when your Android default settings are not allowing you to download the listed apps.

Android SDK Setup to Run APK Files on PC

The easiest way to run APK files on a PC is the Android SDK. Android development demands a highly powerful system. For this purpose, we have to download the latest Java version and Android SDK. In this case, as it is obvious that we don’t want to create an app, scroll down to the Android studio page and select command-line tools.

Once you have downloaded the package, install it to your PC’s C drive. Then choose the control panel from the Start menu, choose system > advanced system settings > environmental variables option, and go to Path option.

Click edit and paste this “C:\Android\sdk\tools; C:\Android\sdk\platform-tools”. Double click the APK to open a virtual Android device that will take time. After opening, you can now use the apps you want.

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Running APK Files Via Android Emulator Installation

Android SDK  use is quite awesome for having a quick look at apps. If you are thinking about app usage in true terms, then Android emulators are a better option. Nox and BlueStacks are the popular Android emulator programs that we would like to let you know about.


Blue Stacks, an Android app emulator, is the updated version of Android SDK. It does not use all the Android versions but is an edited variant. BlueStacks works well for everything except QA code or soaks test an app.

Download and install it, then use Google account for profile setup. Now you will be able to load apps, play games, and everything via the play store. It possesses the Android front end. By using a mouse or touch in case of the touch screen, you can control it.

BlueStack is a very good emulator; it even notifies you about every annoying message!


An Android emulator, Nox, is for those who are serious Android gamers. Nox is not as perfect as BlueStacks, but the good thing is, apps run on it very well. Download the Nox player application and then set up the Android game player preferences and defaults as per your choice. A full-featured Android desktop can be seen then, as is in the case of BlueStacks.

Android Studio for Running APK Files

Android studio can also be used to run APK files but for this, first, install the SDK tools. Then after installing them, select profile or Debug APK from Android studio. Now you can go to your desired APK file and press OK. In the end, move towards an emulated device via the APK.

Installing APK Through ARC Welder

ARC welder is a chrome extension. The use of an ARC welder is easier for running APK files on Windows 10. This extension works on any device that supports Chrome. But the drawback of it is that it is a buggy one and does not work efficiently as  BlueStacks or Android SDK.

Download and install ARC welder extension. After this, you are ready to download APK files, then direct the ACR welder to them. Then you can also set its orientation, whether landscape or portrait and clipboard access.

Like BlueStacks, you do not have access to the Google Play Store. No access means APK files should have to be manually downloaded from inside the welder. Another drawback of it is that you can run only one app at a single time.


These all methods, as mentioned above, are easy to understand and use.  With the technique told above, everyone can download and install them. We would recommend their usage at least once to understand the different methods. You can enjoy the use of the app even on PC windows along with mobiles.

Programmers, developers, or those who want to reverse-engineer the app should look into the Android SDK or Android Studio. For those who usually use many apps at a single time, BlueStacks and Nox are for them. Those who are app developers can use ARC Welder too.

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