How to Open APK files on Android?

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If you have an Android smartphone, then you may somehow know about APK files. Do you want to know more about its purpose? If yes, then here we tell the primary purpose of APK files. The APK files play a crucial role for those who want to use the customized version or premium applications for free, which are not available on Google Play Store. This article will guide you on the downloading procedure and how to open APK files on Android for free. Let’s get started with our tutorial.

APK files

APK is the pack file of Apps not available on the Google Play Store. So to enjoy those apps, you need to install the APK file of the specific application. The file is used to install applications on Android devices. The computer system uses a .exe file to install the applications, in the same way Android uses the APK files to install the application.

Usually, all Android users use the Google Play Store to install necessary applications. Sometimes you need something not available on Play Store, so you can download desired APKs from different websites.

Need of APK files

Do you feel that the Android default setting is too restricted? And you wish to enjoy extra features of some particular applications. If these features are not available for you in V according to the geographical area, then you need an APK file.

Benefits of APK file

  • You may utilize APK files to access and use cracked mobile applications.
  • It will enable you to obtain the most recent Google updates by bypassing operators.
  • Google may place geographical limitations on the download of some applications, which is why you may be unable to access them. APK files are also a way to solve this issue.
  • Some programmers do not submit their software to the Google Play Store. To install these programs, you will require APK files.

Navigate APK file

If you wish to find the APK files on your Android mobile, look in the /data/app/directory for user-installed programs, while the preloaded files are in the /system/app folder and may be accessed using ES File Manager.

How to Install an APK File?

Before installing an app from a source other than the Google Play Store, we must first confirm that your Android phone’s settings allow you to install the application from an unknown source. It is accessible via the “Security” section or the Settings option.

In general, this option states that you can install from unknown sources are permitted. Instead of updating, perform a clean install. Check to see whether you have sufficient storage space. Check that the APK file isn’t damaged or empty.

After the above checking, follow some easy steps below to install the APK file.

  • You can easily install any APK file to the Android device using your browser.
  • Go to your mobile browser.
  • Search your desired APK file in the search bar of the browser.
  • Once you discover your desired APK file, click on it. The application will start to download.
  • After completing the process of installation, go to the download folder on the Android smartphone.
  • Find the downloaded APK file.
  • Click on the APK file.
  • It will install in few moments.
  • Now you enjoy the app for free.

How to Open APK files?

To open an APK file on an Android, download it and then open it when prompted. However, due to the safety restrictions, APK files attempted to install outside the Play Store may not be installed immediately. You must adjust some settings to bypass this loading limitation and install programs from other sources.

Here are several ways to open an APK file based on your Android operating system.

  • Go to the applications and notifications option in settings. Then go to the advanced menu and click on special app access. Finally, choose the option to install from an unknown source.
  • Navigate to Apps and Notifications under Settings.
  • Click on the security options from the settings menu.
  • To install the unofficial APK files, you may need to provide permission to a particular app. Alternatively, you may see the option to enable install unknown sources.

Tools To Open APK Files

Some popular tools used to open APK files are as follows.

1. 7-Zip

It is a file archiver that is both free and open source. It is a program that stores sets of information in archivers, also known as compressed containers. 7-Zip is one of the most popular applications for opening APK files. It has the following features.

  • It features a minimal file size.
  • It accepts nearly all significant file types.
  • For file safety, 7-Zip uses robust encryption.
  • It has the self-extracting ability.
  • It is accessible in 87 different languages.

2. WinRAR

WinRAR is a simple to use and high-speed compression software application on the market. It now has over 500 million users. Its creators have worked tirelessly over the years to remove the bugs, resulting in almost perfect software. Furthermore, it is free of charge. Following are its key features.

  • It is quicker than any other comparable program on the market.
  • This saves costs, storage capacity, and work time while opening APK files.
  • Compatible with all compression formats.
  • WinRAR allows you to quickly divide archives into different files and put them on other local disks.

3. WinZip

WinZip is very efficient and straightforward to use. Because of this functionality, it is by far the most used compression program. It is incredibly efficient when it comes to unpacking files and opening APK files. It quickly extracts all of the material. You may test it for free and then purchase the premium version if you wish.

Key Features

  • It is capable of unzipping virtually all major file types.
  • WinZip is a powerful compression tool for decreasing the size of email attachments.
  • It has banking-level encryption to keep your files safe.
  • It can access and manage data on your computer and your network, and the cloud.
  • You may link it to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and other services.


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