How To Open Apk Files on Chromebook?

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For opening an apk file on your chromebook first you need to install it on your device. Yes, it is possible to install an apk file on chromebook and that is pretty easy and gets done in no time. However, keep in mind that you need to do a few things and personalize the way to make it happen for you.

Chromebooks are now able to download android apps simply from Google Play store. But downloading and opening apk files on your chromebook takes extra effort.

If you want to access an apk file to your chromebook then you are at the right place. Here in this article we are jotting down from the beginning how you install and then you open it.

Get Your Chromebook on Developer Mode:

If you use android then most probably you know about unknown sources that you need to turn on for installing third party apps like apk files. So this option is not available or hidden on Chrome OS.

To get this option you need to put your chromebook into developer mode. It is a different thing than being on Chrome’s developer channel. In fact, you need to do both for side load android apk files. This is the switch that you turn on in the traditional Linux desktop like Ubuntu with Chrome OS.

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Getting your device on developer mode also means that you will see a warning every time you boot your device. To skip it you need to press Ctrl+D. That’s quite unfortunate that there is not any limitation to this option. Maybe Google will lift up this limitation in the upcoming time to allow downloading and opening of apk files without the disabling of the operating system verification feature.

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How to Download Third Party Apps on Chromebook?

The apk files/apps belong to a third party and this is the reason they are not available on Google Play Store. Here are the steps to install and download apk files on your chromebook.

  1. Firstly, install a file manager android app from Google Play store in your chrome device.
  2. Now you need to download the apk files from any of the reliable internet links. You will be following the typical method to install apk files.
  3. While downloading, your device’s android like setting page should pop up.
  4. After the completion of download, launch the app of the file manager you downloaded priory and then go to your download folder.

Set Up ADB On Your Chromebook:

So this is another method of downloading and accessing apk files on your chromebook. For setting up ADB on your device, open your settings and turn on the Linux Beta from the left side of the menu. Now go to settings/linux/develop android apps. Here you will need to toggle on the option of ADB debugging.

You need to enable the option of debugging because you need to install and launch an apk file on your chromebook. Regardless of this, it won’t work. Due to this, it is an important step and to get access to this option first you need to set everything and then restart your device. After rebooting, you will get this ADB prompt on your device and then simply allow it and you are done.

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Installing APK on Chromebook:

After doing the above setup process, now you can simply download the apk and move to the Linux files. Launch the terminal and say

‘adb install app.apk’

Here in this, simply replace the app with the name of your apk file. After doing this, open up your app drawer and you will see that apk file installed and ready for you to use. This means that you can simply open it on your chromebook too.

The chromebook is a really rewarding experience for all its users. It is quite easy to use with versatility. It offers you quite an impressive approach alongside eliminating several issues and concerns.

What Chromebooks are Able to Run Android Apps?

These are the chromebooks that come with planes android app support;

  • Acer chromebase 24
  • Acer chromebook 11 (C730 / CB3-111 / C730E / CB3-131)
  • Acer chromebook 15 (CB3-531)
  • Acer chromebox CX12
  • AOpen chromebox commercial
  • AOpen chromebase commercial
  • Asus Chromebit CS10
  • Asus Chromebook (C200MA, C201PA, C300MA)

Is the Chrome Operating System Based on Android?

Note that Chrome OS is not android based. This simply means that android apps are unable to run or work on chrome. You need to install android apps locally on your device to make them work. Chrome OS is only able to run web based applications or files.

Bottom Line!

Well, this was a bit detailed but easy process that you can follow to open apk files on your chromebook. This way you can easily install files that are not compatible with chromebook on the playstore. If you have a chromebook, don’t think it is a pain. Get on a bit techy side to get your things done.

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