How To Open APK Files on iOS?

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If you are a smartphone user, you come across different unique apps and games. Those mobile applications are known as apps or APKs. However, APK is a technical term and is used for Android devices only. Furthermore, you will be well-aware of the APK files if you are an Android user. The apps you download, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, are all APKs. Have you ever thought of them? Don’t worry! We are here to share all details about the APKs with you, including how to open APK files on iOS.

In this article, you will get all the significant information about how to open APK files on iOS and other related facts. So, let’s move on to the further details without wasting any time. We will start with a brief introduction to the APK files.

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What is meant by APK File?

APK is the short form of the Android Package Kit. In simple words, it’s a type of extension for Android Phones. They are commonly used to offer different applications on Android Operating Systems (OS) via Google Play Store.

If you are still confused about the concept, let’s simplify it for you. APK files are just similar to the .exe files in Windows, and they are usually called software. In the same way, APK files are also small software types that contain all the relevant application data. When you install the app on an Android phone, its code is compiled, and you become able to use the app.

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Here is the fact that we download several apps daily without noticing the word “APK”. The reason is that the background process is not shown on the mobile phone’s screen, and all the compilation process is done in the background. Not only from Play Store, but several websites also offer to download the APK files as well.

Procedure To Open APK Files on iOS/iPhone

Keep in mind that APK files work differently as compared to the apps used in iOS gadgets. Also, you cannot install the applications specified for iOS on Android devices and vice versa. So, what should we do in such a situation? Don’t panic! We have mentioned the methods to use an APK file on iOS. Let’s move on to further details.

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Extracting APK Files

File extractor is one of the best tools for APK file extraction. With the help of this software, you can open APK files in macOS, iPhone, and iPad.

Do you know what an APK extractor does? APK files are the collection of archive files and folders and can be unzipped easily with the help of any extractor tool. APK extractor is also one of them, and you can check the components of APK files. However, you can use those files on iOS easily. Moreover, you have to use an Android emulator to make changes to the files.

Use Installers

If you don’t want to use the file extractor and find it difficult, you can use this universal method. Some good installers are available that allow any APK file to run on iOS, i.e., iPhone or iPad. We recommend the following app as APK installers:

  • Mechdome APK installer
  • TutuApp APK installer
  • Cydia Impactor

After choosing any of the apps mentioned above, you can now install the APK file on your iPhone. To do that, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open your chosen “Installer” app by clicking on the app icon.
  2. Also, save your desired APK file in your phone’s local storage.
  3. Now, search for the app you want to install on an iOS phone.
  4. Choose the app, click on the install button, and it’s all done.

Note: Before installing any third-party app installer on your phone, make sure to read the reviews online. Also, check whether your selected app is safe to use or not.

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Reasons To Use APK Files on iOS

APK files are small and available online for free rather than downloading them from the Google Play Store. Additionally, you can use the APK files to modify, test, and do many other development experiments. They are small-sized and do not create issues while installing and using your smartphone. Besides the Android phones, there are various methods to use the APK files on other OS such as iOS systems. Yes, you listened right. You can install the APK files on iPhone and iPad also. Must check how to install apk files on iphone without jailbreak

Is It Possible To Convert an APK File?

It’s a common question most people ask that can we convert an APK file to use it on iOS. The answer is a big “No”, you can’t convert any APK file because iOS apps and APKs are different in compilations and internal files. You can only extract the APK files to modify, test, or analyze.

Bottom Line!

To sum up, it is all about the opening of APK files on iOS operating systems. Yes, it’s possible to use APK files on your iPhone or iPad using the simple methods mentioned above. We hope this information will be helpful for you.

Enjoy Installing APK files on iOS!

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