How to Run Android Apps on Windows 11?

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Windows 11 is already available, but it lacks one of its most remarkable features: Android app compatibility. Even though there was a lot of buzz about Android applications coming to Windows 11, Microsoft decided not to include them in the first release. They are working on making it available, but we don’t know when they will do it. So we have to know how to run Android Apps on Windows 11 now.

However, you do not need Microsoft’s permission to begin using Android applications on Windows. There are various free smartphone emulators available for download, and use them right now. None of these are ideal, and they imitate Android applications rather than executing them properly like Windows 11, but they provide a temporary solution.

It’s a wise option to familiarise yourself with a few of those emulators because Windows 11 only allows Android applications through the Amazon App Store, which has a portion of the apps accessible on the Play Store.

Famous Application for use

As Windows 11 is the latest, you may encounter difficulties while utilizing Android app emulators. We selected some of its most top choices and tried them out. Most emulators are geared toward gaming, and the three we tested work great. If you would like an actual Android experience, you may utilize the Emulator included with the Android development kit, although it requires some setup.

All of the applications we picked are entirely free. You may get them without contributing or providing any of your private details.

These applications are as follow:

  • Bluestacks
  • GameLoop
  • MEmu
  • NoxPlayer


BlueStacks is the most effective Android application emulator for Windows. There are two primary reasons for this: It’s effortless to use and includes access to all the Play Store features. We can use it as an Android device with applications installed in minutes after downloading the installer.

Everything you need is already available to you. It covers not just the Google Play Store but also the Gaming Center of BlueStacks and all applications of the Android system. You can even use Chrome on Android while Chrome is open on Windows for the whole meta web surfing experience.

BlueStacks have various features. It is compatible with the mouse, keyboard, and gaming pads. You can also tape audio, store screenplays in applications, and even enable real-time interpretation for programs in another language. That’s also merely a fragment of the features. If you would like to run Android apps on Windows 11, BlueStacks should be your first choice.


PC GameLoop is an emulator program that allows users from everywhere globally to enjoy Android games on their Windows PC. Tencent, a developer team recognized for developing and delivering the Android version of the popular video game PUBG, created the current edition of this free program. That means better visuals, more features, and more control options.

GameLoop, like other game stores, enables shoppers to download and run smartphone games direct from its database. The application has various advantages and functionality to do the mobile-to-PC transition process, allowing you to begin playing any game you discover right away. Furthermore, anytime a game is uploaded or published, GameLoop will enable you to download it quickly.

While you cannot use the Emulator to play every Android game, GameLoop does feature an extensive collection of mobile gaming. Once installed, you can utilize it to explore various games like Clash of Clans, Call of Duty Mobile, Candy Crush Saga, and others! As these games are emulated on your computers, you can begin controlling the game with your mouse click.


MEmu is an Android emulator that can run smartphone video games and APK programs on a Personal Computer in a virtual environment.

This Emulator has a list of problems. They reduced down to disabling graphics, which is the default setting for most Systems. You may enable CPU virtualization in your BIOS.

The application is mainly for gaming, although you may manually install other Android apps if you like. Generally, we’d suggest using one of the other alternatives. BlueStacks is a fantastic Android emulator in general, and GameLoop is fantastic if all you want is gaming. MEmu Emulator needs a bit more effort.


NoxPlayer comes with a solid Android 7 operating system and receives the most recent updates, is more stable, and offers better gaming. Developers created this Emulator specifically for gaming. Please give it a shot if you want to enjoy games.

NoxPlayer also supports gamers, so if you’re having difficulty with Bluestacks or GameLoop, use NoxPlayer for once. It offers the functionality you require for gaming, such as keyboard and mouse compatibility, audio record, and the capacity to operate numerous games at once.

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