How to Run APK Files on Windows 11?

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Finally, android apps for windows 11 are now available. So now the WSA, which is a windows subsystem for android can be set easily. Now the official way of installing android apps on windows 11 is via Amazon appstore. However, the point of concern is that the Amazon appstore has quite a limited catalogue. Due to this you need third party apps on your windows 11 device.

Sideloading apps needs .apk files that are Android Application Package, ADB that is Android Debugging Bridge and the WSATools app. As long as you have the apk file, you can sideload any android app you want on your windows 11.

If you want to run apk files on your windows 11 device then this is an article for you. It is because here are all the details you need to know to run apk files on Windows 11.

How to Sideload Android Apps on Windows Subsystem for Android?

You can take any apk file and get it downloaded and installed in WSA. Keep in mind that you are able to download and install any application you want regardless it’s a music player, a game or any productivity app. Almost all the apps work fine on windows 11. However, it gets a bit difficult for those apps that require special optimization or a certain DRM level, for example, Netflix.

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Here are the methods that you can use to download and run apk files on Windows 11.

Method 1: Manual Sideloading Apps

In this method, you will be doing all the things manually. Follow these steps to download and run apk files on windows 11.

  1. Download the apk file of any android app you want. For this, go to any popular apk downloading websites that seem reliable.
  2. On your machine, set up all the ADB platform tools. If it is not already all set then you have an option to download the SDK platform tools for windows that have the needed ADB files and extract it into a folder on your computer.
  3. Now, open the start menu and type and search for “Windows Subsystem for Android,” and click on the search results.
  4. You will see the settings page of Windows Subsystem for android. Scroll down and toggle on the developer mode option. After this, on the IP address tab, click on the copy button. If you cannot find the IP address button then click on the refresh button that is below and then the IP address will appear.
  5. Now, from the start menu, open the command prompt. Instead of this, you also have an option to use the keyboard shortcut that is to type windows key + R and cmd in the run dialog and then press enter.
  6. Next you need to go to that folder where you extracted the SDK platform tools priory. If you have your files in the directory then enter the following command in the command prompt; cd /d D: \platform-tools
  7. For connecting to WSA, enter these commands; adb connect <IP address>, here you need to paste the IP address that you copied earlier.
  8. Go to the apk file you previously downloaded and right click on it and click on the option that says “Copy as path” from the menu.
  9. Again open the command prompt window and type these commands; adb install <file-path>, here replace the path by your own pasting it.
  10. Now ADB will itself install the apk file that you previously downloaded and then you can find it on the start menu.
  11. Lastly, go to the start menu and search for the apk file you installed recently and run it.

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Method 2: Sideloading with WSATools App

This is the method in which you need to have a WSATools app. Below are the steps needed to be followed.

  1. Begin with downloading and installing the WSATools app directly from the Microsoft store.
  2. The process is to set up ADB platform tools and then add it to the PATH system variable. On your device, you need to set up and install ADB platform tools.
  3. If your device already has ADB and WSATools set up then open the windows subsystem for android and toggle on the developer mode. To make sure that WSA is on, open and run any android app you already have installed on your device.
  4. Now open the WSATools apps and locate and click the .apk installation file that you want to install and run on your windows 11 pc.
  5. After selecting, there will be an install button, click that to begin your apk file installation process.
  6. Lastly, open and run the apk file you install now as the process gets completed.

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Final Words

So here are the ways to download and run apk files on windows 11 with the use of WSATools and ADB. These are the files that can easily work together along with the usual windows app. However, keep in mind that directly downloading apk files from the internet is risky as there are several malicious sites and files that appear and can easily attack your device.

Once the Windows Subsystem for android came into the world, it was already known that the Microsoft would enable sideloading apps on windows 11. And here it is possible now.

Hopefully this article will help you to run an apk file on your windows 11 without any issues.


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