How to Install APK Files on iPhone Without Jailbreak?

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In an era where technology rules the globe, mobile phones are the hand-held mini-universe. Making lives easier for everyone, they are available with numerous features to facilitate its users. But ahead of these features lies another world of software technology: the access to many different apps and features by third-party or apps under development. You cannot directly install these apps on your phone due to protective barriers. So how to install APK files on iPhone without Jailbreak?

There is a solution to almost every problem nowadays. The tech-savvy has figured out ways to install these apps on your device, and you don’t even have to risk your device security for it. If you are a game lover then must give a try to  Worms Zone and Dead Target a real fun and dynamic action game.

Let’s also explore in detail How to Install APK on iphone

APK/IPA and its Function

APK is an acronym for ”Android Package” or ”Android Package Kit”. An APK is a file your Android device installs whenever you install an app. So, an APK file is what initiates the installation and working of an app. Through an APK, you can install and use any app that is unavailable on your device. But if we are considering an iOS device, then it uses IPA instead of APK. IPA means ”iOS App Store Package”, which performs the same functions as an APK file.

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Why Should I Install an APK File on iPhone?

iPhones excessively use iOS as their standard operating system. This operating system is a high-security system that protects the mobile device from suspicious data, changes, and apps. But because of this system, you might be missing out on some of the most useful, creative, and interesting apps ever created.

The iOS blocks any apps that were created by a third party or apps with unrecognized authorization. Using an APK file, you can easily install and use the apps you cannot otherwise.

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What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreaking means disabling the highly protected security system of the device. It can also mean to crack or root software and systems. It is most common in iPhones because iOS is the most secure system. The system itself has many restrictions and security barriers preventing users from downloading certain apps and customizing the system. Hence, jailbreaking is used to access these apps and give the iPhone more Android-like features without changing the operating system.

Is it Legal or not?

The answer to this question differs from place to place. Although there is no strict law against jailbreaking, it’s still not preferable due to security risks and other threats.

Jailbreaking is not illegal, and some laws permit jailbreaking of phones, tablets, and smartwatches, but it is highly inadvisable.

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Why is it disadvantageous?

Jailbreak, as scary as its name, sure has a few serious drawbacks. Jailbreaking can put your valuable mobile devices open to many risks.

Your phone becomes prone to security threats. The data that you store in your phone can be stolen and exposed to external sites. Jailbreaking deactivates the security system on your phone, which is responsible for keeping it in check and balance. With the security system is gone, your data may be hacked!

It can drain your phone’s battery. The apps used can be heavy in size and consume a lot of battery.

Your phone can not install updates automatically. Furthermore, many online services such as online storage and media websites may not function on your phone.

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Install APK Files on iPhone without Jailbreak

To avoid the above threats and still enjoy your preferred apps, follow these easy steps below!

All you need is a device running on iOS 9 or later versions  (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and a PC or Mac. Installing APK or IPA files on the phone can be done through two apps. Cydia and TuTu App.

 Through Cydia Impactor

  • Download the Cydia Impactor on your phone.
  • Make sure to connect your iOS device with your PC or Mac.
  • Now install the desired IPA file on your PC. Make sure that it is from a trusted source to avoid security risks.
  • Check if any apps are running in the background. If yes, then close them.
  • Delete the apps you want to replace beforehand.
  • Run the impactor, and you will see a window. Drag your IPA file to it.
  • Once the file is dragged to the impactor, another window will appear asking for your Apple Account.
  • Enter the account, and your file will be installed.

Through TuTu App

  • Download the TuTuApp on your phone on your iOS device.
  • Confirm it for installation.
  • Open Settings. Go to General; you will see Profiles & Device Management. Trust the developer and permit it.
  • Open the TuTu App and look for your desired app.
  • Click on Download, and you will have your apps installed!


You can easily install an APK file on an iPhone without Jailbreak using these methods. We hope this article will help you to install APK files on your iPhone without Jailbreak. If you face any issues, ask us in the comments.

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