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Download LIMBO APK and enjoy the dark world with endless journeys and unlimited obstacles, free version plus OBB File is available for free.
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Do scary things excite you, and do you wish to be a part of such an environment? If so, be ready as you can be a LIMBO. A LIMBO is a boy who has no one to love and faces endless and scary hurdles to pass through. He goes on to face troubles that never end, and he dies somehow. However, you can save him and make his journey easy by playing LIMBO APK.

While you play the LIMBO latest APK, you can enjoy the game without any ads no matter how long you play it. Also, you get all the paid features unlocked for free. You can restore the life of the LIMBO when he faces death due to a challenging task, or a shark eats him. Let’s know more about the LIMBO full version.

Features of LIMBO APK

Following are the features that make the LIMBO menu APK more exciting.

Endless Journey

Whether day or night, the game will always remain dark for the LIMBO, and he will struggle to find the light. There are different terrains, roads, jungle, sea, city, war field, or anything, but there is no light. The journey continues through every deadly atmosphere, and it never ends. The only thing that can put an end to the journey of LIMBO is death.


The boy seems so cute and helpless that you will never want to leave him alone. No matter how scary the game is or how hard it is to pass through obstacles, you will never lose interest in the life of LIMBO. You will fight so that the LIMBO can find the light and all the darkness in his life escapes.

Puzzle Solving

While the LIMBO continues his journey, there are a lot of obstacles that need high-end problem-solving skills. You need to make decisions in no time before the hurdle takes the life of LIMBO. There will be many screaming noises and haunting darkness to make you stressed and affect your decisions, but you need to stay calm and strategize your moves fast in LIMBO game free download.

Sound and Graphics

The whole game is based on the black and white theme, and there are no colors to make it scarier. Also, there is no soothing music but the haunting sounds, i.e., screams of crows, wind chimes, the voice of crickets, and heavy rain. Both the graphics and sound combine to make LIMBO APK pass chills through your body.

No Directions

You don’t know where to go as there is no map. You can move in any direction, and there will be more hurdles no matter which turns you take. Also, no one is there to save you or guide you. You are alone in this dark world.

Find the Light

LIMBO’s life aims to find some light in the dark world. For this purpose, he passes through streets, roads, oceans, deserts, and jungles. There are obstacles at every step that LIMBO takes. Death can take the life of LIMBO at any moment. You need to keep patience and high hopes that you will find the light. However, it is never going to happen.

What’s New in the LIMBO APK?

In the latest version of LIMBO APK Android, you get the following new features.

  • Video preview
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance optimization
  • Memory improvement

How to Download LIMBO APK?

You can download LIMBO APK + OBB by clicking on the ‘Download’ button given below. Before that, you need to uninstall the original LIMBO game. Now check if ‘Installations from Unknown Sources’ is enabled on your device. If not, do it. Now, after the download completes, install the LIMBO mod Apk and start enjoying the scary world.


There are no instructions, no tutorials, and no one will tell you what you have to do in the game. You only know that you are a LIMBO who has to go through never-ending hurdles. The LIMBO is looking for some light in the dark world. He has to jump, run, drag, or swim to save himself from hurdles and challenges. The controls are easy on your screen, but the game is not. You can only survive if you focus and make decisions instantly in difficult situations.

The game never ends, and there is no concept of levels or stages; it ends when the LIMBO dies. Also, you can resume the journey again from the point you started it. Everyone in the game is your enemy, whether it is a tree, a monster, sandpit, or spider. So try LIMBO Hack APK download and enjoy it.


How to install LIMBO APK?

You can install LIMBO APK by clicking on the ‘Download LIMBO APK’ button above and installing it on your device.

How install the OBB file in LIMBO?

Download the ES file explorer, also download the LIMBO OBB file and save it on your phone. Now extract the OBB file through the ES explorer, and it will run on your device.

How to use LIMBO PC Emulator APK?

LIMBO download for PC is also available. You can use BlueStacks as LIMBO PC Emulator to run the game on your PC.

Can we play LIMBO on Android?

You can download LIMBO APK gratis on your Android device to enjoy the game on your smartphone.

Is LIMBO free for Android?

Yes, LIMBO is free to play on Android, and you can get it on the Play Store. However, in-app purchases are not free. You can get all such items for free by installing LIMBO MOD APK.

Is the customized character feature in Limbo MOD APK free?

Yes, the customized character feature in the limbo game is free.

Can we download the Limbo MOD APK from the Play Store?

You can not download the Limbo MOD APK from the Play Store; instead, you can download it from our website.

Is LIMBO MOD APK version is launched by the original developers PlayDead?

Not at all, Limbo MOD APK file is not released by the original developers PlayDead and we suggest not to use it.

Is downloading Limbo unlimited money and everything safe?

As Limbo MOD APK is not launched by the original developers so its installation on the mobile device is not safe. You can download and install it at your own risk.

What to do if I have already installed Limbo MOD APK on my mobile device?

We suggest you to uninstall the Limbo MOD APK game from your mobile as it infringes the rights of the real owner and it is not safe to use.

Bottom Line!

Enjoy the scary world by living the life of LIMBO. You can download LIMBO APK data by clicking on the ‘Download’ button above. All the paid items are free as you play the version. Enjoy the endless journey of LIMBO and play as much as you want. If you like it, don’t forget to share your experience with us. Also, share it with your friends and see if they get scared or score well.

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