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Lost in blue mod apk is one of the adventure games that features a new style of survival. You are the one playing a major role in the game and your core objective is to survive alone on your own on a strange island.

You will be surviving a plane crash and after that you will need to collect all the resources for crafting weapons and tools, building houses and facilities for completing your main mission that makes you survive on the strange island. Maybe you think that this is easy to cater to but there is another real challenge.

The challenge does not just include affecting you from the natural environment but you will also face several big dangers around you like wild animals, militias, zombies, mutant mummies, and such other things.

Any of the dangers can appear anytime without any alert so if you won’t be focusing on the game or let your guard down, you will easily lose your life. The game opens you to several types of lands having abundant resources that help you survive this dangerous island alongside making you find a way to go back to the mainland. This game is an open world type that can attract many gamers.

Moreover, the game has an apk version that gives you lost in blue mod apk unlimited money making it super enjoyable. You must check another adventure games like Genshin Impact APK and PK XD apk for more fun and joy.

Main Features of The game

From the beginning the story is full of surprises and this is because of all its features. The features of the game makes it super fun and exciting to play. Moreover, if you want to enjoy it without any limitation then download its lost in blue unlimited gems mod apk version. This opens you to the new set of features that are all unlimited. Just like this game Mini World APK will also make you feel you’re in adventures world.

Here are its unique features that make it apart from other games.


This is a mysterious abandoned island where you need to survive and for this you need to play in multiplayer mode to have friendship with gamers worldwide. This will help you collect all the restricted sources to get out of here with a bit ease.

Character Development

The game demands you to improve your character to remain alive and experience the joy of mother nature to its full.

A Unique Island

The game features the unique island in which its PVP and PVE mode enables you to never get bored even after constantly playing for hours. You can survive and then enjoy the beautiful natural landscape full of tropical swamps, rainforests, volcanos, and beaches. Furthermore, you will also be fighting against certain man-made hurdles like secret research labs, expedition ships from the 1980s, ancient underground ruins, and deadly abandoned temples. It is a unique island with a lot for you to explore.

Learn Crafting and Building

The games make you gather stuff and use them to build your amp in your imagination. You will learn crafting weapons and tools that will help you a lot in survival against your enemies. Also, you will be building your defense system like arrow tower, sensor tower, watchtower and other things for your own protection.

Exciting Adventures

This is a world game that is free and you have the total authority to explore and enjoy the whole island and its beauty with top quality graphics. The most important elements of the game are its PVP and PVE elements that makes it one of the best survivor games.

What’s New in This Version?

These are the new things in the current version of Lost in blue mod apk;

  • Addition of elimination rankings for the season battlefield with all the corresponding rewards.
  • Optimizations are made for the season battlefield.
  • Now the genetic research lap is a single player mode having more improved kinds of notifications.
  • Now you are allowed to explore the forgotten base in the valley region with all the main quests added to the location.
  • The team interface got improved.
  • The layout of the event schedule is improved.
  • Some of the bugs are fixed.


Lost in the blue mod apk is the game that begins with a fight that is over a large sea. However, a big storm comes and causes a plane crash. Including you and a few more survivors, all the other people on the plane died. Then you wake up and find yourself on an island shore by the ocean waves. Now here you get the total control of the game. You got an instant realization that you need to find a way to survive in these strange islands. However, you are not alone in this land as there are several other dangerous creatures that you need to fight against like wild animals, mutant zombies and other strange things. Each of such creatures try killing you whenever they get a chance, so it’s all about survival. To survive in the game you need to develop skills for your protection.

The strategy for this is to collect resources, craft weapons and build shelter. And the most important thing for survival is food so also search for food as the game begins. In fact, the game allows you to sow seeds and grow your own food crops for yourself. Moreover, you can build your defense system like towers to protect you. This will be a great help against danger. After all this, you can also explore the island as it is beautiful and full of amazing things.


Downloading Lost in Blue Mod Apk is something really easy. It is because there are a lot of apk websites that feature the game. Simply go to any reliable website and begin your download. All you need is to find the site and click on the download button then wait for the download to finish.

How to Install?

Another thing is to install the game on your device and this is also a simple process. Take a look below, mentioning the steps that you need to follow for installing Lost in Blue Mod apk on your devices.

  1. If you are not new to apk apps then you already know that these are the modified apps that are not available on Google Play store. It belongs to a third party and therefore you need your device to allow its installation.
  2. For this, go to the device settings on your android and search for unknown source options. Toggle it on to allow the installation to begin.
  3. Now go back to the downloaded apk file of the game and click that to begin your installation.
  4. Now is the final step to just wait for the installation to finish and you are done. Launch and enjoy playing your survival game.

Opinion About The Game

In my opinion, this is a really fun and interesting game to play. It enables you to do several different things in an island that is itself way too beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. Coping up with all the hurdles and fighting against the enemies makes you survive and then you can enjoy the whole island exploring several different things. So if you like survival games then it is a great option for you.


How to get unlimited resources in the Lost in Blue Mod apk game?

There is nothing you can do on your own. To get unlimited resources, download and install the modified version of this game. This will automatically give you unlimited resources that you can use for your survival on a unique island.

How is the graphics and sound of the Lost in Blue Mod apk game?

The lost in blue mod apk has 3D graphics that is for sure extremely impressive. Each of its characters has a different shape and rhythmic movement. All the battles are spectacular, short and realistic. This is such a mobile friendly game but still the scene unfolding is unbelievable to your eyes because of its beauty in detail.

The sound of the game is also fine. The background music is gentle. There is a different sound for every action in the game, for example character picking up the items, building, fighting against enemies, weapon making and even walking in a quiet place. Everything seems real.

Is it a free to play game?

  1.   Yes, it is a totally free to play game that opens you to great features that keeps you interested in the game. All you need is to play and collect resources. However, if you download its modified apk version then all the resources and gems will be available for you in unlimited quantity.

What are the minimum device requirements for the game?

  1.   This is not quite a heavy game. However, you must need to have 2 GB of RAM and 1 GB of internal storage. It works on both root and non-root devices.

Bottom Line!

This is one of the great survival games you can enjoy and keep hooked on. If you want to explore a new and unique virtual world that is pleasing to your eyes then playing this game is something for you. Apart from this, you will feel challenged via the constant dangers coming to you. So it is a whole roller coaster of thrill and enjoyment. Downloading this will not make you regret it.


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