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Mini world apk is an android sandbox game. The game is free available on Google play store for anyone to download and install.
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Mini world apk is an android sandbox game. It was released by MiniPlay Inc. The best thing about this game is that it is free available on Google play store for anyone to download and install. You can become a part of the mini world by building and inventing their small world.

It is one of the most popular games that boosts player creativity on several forums. It has more than 50 million downloads in the Google Play store. This game is all about exploring the massive world that is made from blocks. It enables you to play in different modes in which you create and survive in that unique world.

The mini world is a great choice for you to spend your free time. In fact, it allows you to play it with your friends so invite them and have fun all together. Must check Genshin Impact & PK XD, an RPG adventure game that take place in the fictional land of teyvet.

Give this article a read to know things about it in detail.

Main Features of The Game

Mini world block art apk is quite an interesting game featuring a unique and exciting world of a 3D sandbox. It acquires a big number of quests and blocks, keeping you engaged in an exciting way. The game makes you survive, create and defeat its hilarious monsters and there is a lot more for you. Take a look below, mentioning some of its features. You must try another strategy game like Bloons Adventure Time TD 

Unique Gameplay

It is one of the most unique games. Even aftmoder ten years of the release of Minecraft, it is still popular among video games. Due to this, several similar game suits followed the idea and one of these is the Mini world. This game opens you to the world of enchanting 3D having a lot of animals, colorful blocks, and monsters for you to fight with. Survive, create and play with friends to enjoy the 3D colorful world of blocks.

Different Modes of Game

The game has three different modes to offer you, described below;


This mode requires the player to collect resources, build their shelter with tools and fight for survival. After the collection of sufficient resources, they can go exploring the wild world that is wild with their friends. They will find vast caves, experience feeding pandas in bamboo forests, or fight against the black dragon in the underworld. If you want to learn the game mechanics alongside enjoying the adventure then survival mode is the perfect option.


This mode provides the players with most of the resources from the start to create whatever they like. It enables you to create big cities, beautiful resorts in the mountain fields with bamboo, giant mansions, or castles in the air. Or instead of this, you can simply go for enjoyment in the farms with interesting fantasy creatures around you.


In this mode, you connect your server for playing some mini and fun games like FPS, parkour, puzzle, or other strategy games. Apart from this, it allows you to play with your friends or against your friends to enjoy the game.

Endless Game Stages

Moreover, its apk version has a lot more to offer so we recommend you to go for that. Mini world apk has no level or limits to bind you. All you need to do while playing is to create and destroy. The game enables you to build houses, apartments, castles, in fact, a big city. Also, you can go underworld and stand against the black dragon with your friends for more fun with adventure.

Mini Games

The game has an option of mini-games within it. Simply select any game from the featured mini-game options and be a part of different games. Literally, it opens you to play a lot of games inside a game.


The game offers you beautiful 3D graphics from blocks that are colorful square boxes. Simply, it amazes your eyes and keeps you attracted to the game. However, it has a similar look to Minecraft, but it is on the gentle side. The characters of the game are quite cuter and brighter.

Flexible Controls

Apart from its resources, the gameplay also provides you with a flexible controlling system that helps you in surviving, fighting, and fleeing from big dangers. To get an experience of another level, you have an option to change the fighting style and boost up all the pieces of equipment’s ability. You have an advantage of various weapons you have.

What’s New in This Version?

The new version of this game has the following updates;

  • It has an addition of an item that is terrain editor.
  • A new brush mode.
  • Providing a better gaming experience.
  • A new zone selecting mode.
  • Boosting up your upper limit.
  • Its object library is now supporting the mechanical function.
  • Now you can adjust the set point for changing the distance.
  • Options of undo and redo.
  • The optimized version of performance and multiplayer room of Latam countries.
  • Boosted interface.
  • A new shop.


This is the point of acceptance that Minecraft is actually the base of all the Sandbox games actually it is the one that created this genre by its unique graphics and catchy gameplay. In fact, Minecraft came up with several different titles and they all failed because players did not support them.

But that’s quite fortunate with Mini world that it is on the rare side. It is considered the best copy of Minecraft meeting all the basic essential requirements of visual design, a lot of playing modes, and challenges for you to explore.

The current version of this game has more than 50 million downloads of the Google Play store with a lot of positive ratings. Surely this is worth your download if you are into relevant games.


Downloading the apk version of any game is a straight thing. All you need is to search for a reliable downloading link because the internet is filled with several threats and fake sites you never know about. Find out any reliable source and simply click on it to initiate the downloading process. Just wait a few minutes to let the download complete and you are done.

How to Install?

After you are done with the download process, now is the time for installation. Follow the below-mentioned steps to install the mini world apk on your android device.

  1. As you know apps apart from the Google Play store belong to a third party and you need to allow its installation on your android device. For this, you need to enable the app installation for unknown sources.
  2. Go to the settings of your phone and find out the unknown source option, toggle that on to allow installation.
  3. Go to the game’s apk file and simply click it to initiate your installation.
  4. Now you need to wait a bit for the installation and you are done. Enjoy the colorful games of blocks.

Opinion About The Game

In my opinion, this is worth downloading the game for the ones who are really into these block-style games. This is a game that brings you a comfy entertaining time with adventure, fun, and engaging features. Moreover, if you gets Mini World apk version then you have more benefits as it has unlimited money and gems with the mini world free coins.


How to find the village in the mini world?

To find out the village in the mini world, you need to explore by being on your foot or flying in creative mode. Consider using Minecraft seed with a village next to the spawn to begin the game closer to a village. Also, you can consider using the Minecraft village finger for locating the coordinate nearest village.

How do you plant seeds in the mini world?

Using a shovel to a soil block will break it. However, right-clicking will dig a gap in the soil. This way you can plant seeds in the mini world.

How do you make pits in the mini world?

You can make pits in the mini world by simply using a stone shovel or a more advanced shovel in the farmland.

How do you get grass in the mini world?

You can obtain grass by simply digging the ground with any shovel, there is a good collection of equipment you can use. Placement of soil block on the ground will change it into grass block in a bit of time.

Is the mini world a rip off of Minecraft?

For sure, the mini world is a copy of Minecraft. In fact, some discussions are going on to take some legal approach for shutting down and removing Mini world. However, it is on the Google play store for a good time now and people are enjoying it a lot.

Can we download the Mini World MOD APK from the Play Store?

You can not download the mini world MOD APK from the Play Store; instead, you can download it from our website.

Is Mini World MOD APK version is launched by the original developers SUPER NICE Digital Marketing Co?

Not at all, Mini World MOD APK file is not released by the original developers Super Nice Digital Marketing Co and we suggest not to use it.

Is downloading Mini World unlimited money and everything safe?

As Mini World MOD APK is not launched by the original developers so its installation on the mobile device is not safe. You can download and install it at your own risk.

What to do if I have already installed Mini World MOD APK on my mobile device?

We suggest you to uninstall the Mini World MOD APK game from your mobile as it infringes the rights of the real owner and it is not safe to use.

Bottom Line!

The game Mini World apk is a great sandbox game that is free with plenty of features and resources. The game opens you to a lot of exciting things. In fact, it is a whole world of excitement that you explore and enjoy. It allows you to create your own world with blocks and there is a lot more. Downloading it on your device is a worthy choice.


What's new

Version Update Log
1. Shop Update
i). New Skin [Pinocchio], [Tasha] now available
2. Other Optimizations
i) Tonton's model optimized
ii) Fix issue on map detail page copy comment is having problems
iii). Translation problems fixed
iv). Other bugs fixed



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