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Modern strike online mod apk is a 3D graphic online FPS (First Person Shooter) game for mobile. This game was published by Azur interactive games. This is one of the most outstanding shooter games currently available on mobile devices. This brings you the most realistic graphics and dynamic gameplay that has major armed forces in a battle zone. To bring peace to the world, you need to shoot at the dangerous terrorists that are lurking and need to get defeated.

If you are into shooting games then this is a great game for you. And downloading the modern strike online mod latest version will give you unlimited resources to win the game in a way you want.

If you want to know more about this then read this article as it has all the information about the game, Modern strike online mod apk.

Main Features Of The Game

Modern strike online is a combo of modern classic combat and CS online games. This means that you get two in one experience making you overcome two kinds of things at a time. Modern Strike online is a first person shooter game with a combat map system and there are a lot of features that elevates your gaming experience.

Here are the features of the game that you need to know;

Different Player Modes

Playing Modern Strike online games opens you to two modes that are single player mode and multiplayer game mode. This means that you have an option to choose and enjoy either of the modes without any issues or problems. If you are a kind of player who likes to play alone or who just begins playing the game then the single player mode is the perfect choice for you. This mode has a lot of tutorials for you alongside addictive stories that make you enjoy the game.

Besides this, if you are confident enough and can challenge other players then online multiplayer game mode is for you to explore. It makes you choose between 8 different battle modes and play your game enjoying both solo and multiplayer mode.

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Create Your Own or Join a Clan

If you want to make your gaming journey more enjoyable and exciting then you have the option to join a clan or create your own clan. There are benefits of being a member of a clan. If you are a member of a big clan then you will be getting a lot of valuable prizes on a daily basis. Moreover, you are allowed to be friends with the members of your clan and learn more about the game from them. Also, in clan battles your clan can go against the others too. In this the winners get rewarded with big prizes that are from the lost team.

14 Different Maps

This game does not limit you at all to a single map. But the fact is that it features 14 different maps that you can enjoy exploring. Each of the maps has varied elements making them differ from others. Each of the maps comes up with its own tactics that you need to follow. However, you need to ensure that you take all the benefits from the strategic locations and the terrain as well. This will make you win over your rivals.

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Powerful Weapons

In the game, you have different options for several powerful weapons. In fact, the game allows the players to play differently with variant approaches in the match. It depends on your fighting style what you choose to win over your rival, you can use deadly snipers to get your opponents down from a distance, use rocket launchers to take down the whole building or blast them with potent shotguns. So it’s all up to you what you choose to kill your opponent.

The game gives you access to 70 different types of weapons and 100 different choices. In fact, this also makes it hard to make decisions. Furthermore, for the protection of character, the player can choose it with the normal usual armors that open them to great advantages.

Different Customization Options

If you think that having all the most powerful weapons is certainly not enough and you need more style then there are epic weapon skins available that could attract you. The game gives you tons of different skin options for weapons, accessories, gears, armor and a lot more. Also, you have an option to change in between awesome costumes that transform your whole character.

Optimization of Hardware for Multiple Devices

That is not the same with all the FPS games for android devices that this Modern Strike online mod apk is made with all the budget players in mind. Hence, this game features a perfect optimized system that smoothly runs on different devices with varied hardware. Following this, the game even allows you to run it on weak old mobile phones.

Accessible Controlling System for New Players

Most of the FPS games for mobile phones often have a kind of difficult controlling system. And this is the reason new players mostly find it difficult to know and begin playing the new game on their devices. But this modern strike online game has quite a comfy controlling system with all the simple and easy navigation as it has convenient features.

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Different Mode Games

These are the modes of games that you can play and enjoy in the Modern Strike online mod apk;

  • Deathmatch – In this mode, the players have all the chances to enjoy shooting and slaying over one and other enemies. This makes you the best player in the game taking down every enemy left in the ground. In addition, you can also play this in multiplayer mode.
  • Team DM with a Bomb – In this mode you can choose your side in the pressure gunfight moment in between the terrorist and counter terrorist. You need to plant the bomb then protect it or get the terrorist down and defuse the bomb.
  • Duel – This is the mode in which players get introduced to a battle of single PVP in which you can go against your enemies. Before he stops you, you need to take him down.
  • Special Operations – in this mode there is a special event in which two teams go against each other. Each of the players in both of the teams only get a single life. So make sure you fight smartly to go over your opponent and win the fight with just a single player standing.
  • Hardcore – If you are done playing all the FPS game and don’t feel it difficult anymore then select hardcore mode in this game and it will take you to another level. In this mode you have a chance to experience all the realistic actions with double damages. Just a single bullet will make you lose your life so always fight smartly.
  • Custom Games – If you want to challenge your friends in a fun or liberated battle then custom games are a thing for you. This mode makes you have your own squad, setting your rules and playing the game as much as you want.

Free To Play

Regardless of all its amazing features, this game is free to play and you can easily download it via Google Play Store. Another of its biggest benefits is that you can download Modern Strike Online mod apk that gives you access to unlimited money and gold in the game.

What’s New in This Version?

These are the new things you can enjoy in this version;

  • Now you can wield any weapons in game in place of pistol
  • A lot of changes in graphics like lightning, user interface, models, etc
  •  You can now change weapon switch controller
  • Addition of players health bar
  •  A new map is added that is Blackwood pines
  • You get rewards for watching ads
  •  It is now possible to shoot through glass system
  • The game is optimized and bug fixed
  • Now there are leaderboard places rewards
  • Big changes happened in weapon like equipment and abilities balance
  • The level cap got increased to 90


All modern shooting game fans would love Modern Strike Online mod apk. It gives you everything that made this shooting genre popular. So this makes you experience a true shooting game with a lot of fun and excitement.

You start the game by choosing your side in between the police forces and the terrorists. After this, your ultimate goal in every game is to hinder your opponents from reaching their goal. This gets possible as you take down all your enemies or get done with the quests.

Modern strike online mod apk gives the player best chances to experience intense gunfights, get into addictive shooter games and make use of top strategies to win.


To download Modern Strike online everything free, you need to find a reliable apk website. It is an easy thing, however you should know the site to download because there are several scam and bug websites on the internet. After searching for the website, simply click on the download link and your download will begin. Wait a bit for the downloading process to finish and you are done.

How to Install?

After downloading the next thing you need to do is to install the game on your device and this is also an easy thing you can do. Here are the steps that you need to follow for installation;

  1. If you have some info about apk files then you know that these are modified apps belonging to third parties. So it is not available on Google Play store. Following this, your android device needs your permission to allow anything that belongs to a third party.
  2. For this, go to the settings of your android device and click on the option of unknown sources. Toggle it on to permit the installation of your FPS game.
  3. Now click on your downloaded apk file and click that to begin your installation.
  4. The final step is to wait for the installation to finish. Launch the app and enjoy playing the shooter game.

Opinion About The Game

In my opinion, this is one of the exciting shooting games you can go for. The best thing about this game is that it allows you to choose your side yourself, police or terrorist. Unlike other games you are not doing heroic actions only. The game gives you a lot of customization options for the character and weapons. Everything is fun, intimidating and exciting to play and enjoy. If you are a fan of shooting games then this is a deal for you.


How can I get unlimited money in the Modern Strike Online game?

There is nothing specific that you need to do for modern strike unlimited money and gold. In fact, there is a modified version of the game that you need to download and then you get access to unlimited and unlocked resources.

How is the graphics and sound of the Modern Strike Online Mod Apk?

The graphics of the game are simply jaw dropping and give you perfect visual effects. This is exactly what makes it addictive for you. Moreover, the hardware acceleration of the game makes it smoother and more enjoyable on low-end devices too.

The sound and music of the game is also great. You will hear power gunshots, silent melee attacks and devastating explosions.

Is this mod apk version of the game harmful for my device?z

Not at all. This version is simply a modified version that is developed by a third party. Downloading this simply means you are downloading a file usually just from a different source. However, you must make sure that you are downloading files from a credible source.

To what devices is this game compatible with?

The game is compatible with devices that have Android 4.0 and above.

Final Words

If you really like FPS games then Modern Strike online is a game for you. it opens you to several unique things that elevates your experience to a whole new level. Its visual quality gets you addicted to the game and the opportunities make you more curious for what’s going to happen next. So you won’t regret downloading it.

What's new

Season 13 "Webs of Nocturnal" is already here!
- New weapons: AN-94, Negev NG7, CheyTac
- Legendary Black Widow skin for AN-94
- New Widowmaker character and Arachnid Mask
- New rare skins
- Push notifications added
- Discounts on opening Smuggling cases
- Many more fixes and improvements


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