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Rise of Kingdom mod apk is the most detailed game of Age of Empire. In fact, now it’s considered to be better than the original Age of Empire game. It is a warfare game that features cool graphics letting you create your own civilization and grow it for more kingdoms and empire formation.

In the game, you have all the good resources that you need to use appropriately for the growth of your civilization and leading your people. You need to apply a lot of tactics alongside trying several combinations of resources for the successful build of your empire.

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To get to know more about the game; read this article to the end.

Main Features of The Game

Rise of kingdoms mod apk 2022 is a great game with a lot of resources and features letting you have a good big kingdom. You can get its apk version to have unlimited amounts of all the resources and money for zero hurdles while playing.

Here are the main features of the game;

An Evolving Game

Each of the game seasons opens you to distinct changes in the map with a lot of new opportunities for the games to explore. This way you can expand your domain and defend it from the invaders. It is an evolving game that evolves in every step in various different ways letting you enjoy the thrill.

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A Cross Platform MMORTs

For sure, Rise of Kingdoms is a big multiplayer strategy game that is able to play in real time on several platforms that includes IOS, windows PC, Mac, facebook and Android devices. The game allows the players to interact with each other by sending and sharing resources or certain special items to friends on any platform. This boosts up your enjoyment as you are playing your favorite game with your favorite people.

Building Your Kingdom

The major thing you need to do in the game is to build a prosperous realm via developing different factors that include military power, economy, politics, etc. Alongside this, you will be constantly getting challenged by other players who will be doing the same thing as you. All the players have every key for controlling their destiny as they are able to exploit one aspect for the other one following the style of play.

Tactical Combat

To win the wars and enlarge the territories, players are needed to develop strong armies with the use of infant soldiers like archers and swordsmen with the potential siege weapons like catapults for conquering the neighboring territories in the PVP battles.

Each of the units in the player’s army must need to have unique features that affect the final outcome of the combat. This makes it important for the players to select their units in a wise manner when they are preparing to attack or defend other players.

Launch Attacks

Gamers are allowed to launch attacks on rival kingdoms with their potential military power, politics and economy. This way they can take over the enemy’s city by occupying all their towers. They can also make their alliances with other players or they also have an option to become allies with the NPC cities. Then the players will have to provide them the resources and troops required for the war.

As the player wins an enemy’s city, here begins the new cycle of seasons in which the players need to manage their domain in an accomplished manner for a predetermined amount of time. If they won’t be successful then the city will get handed to another player for management.

Conquer New Lands

In between the game, the players are required to develop stone quarries for mining stones for the construction of buildings in their cities.

Upgrade Your City

After developing their domains, the player needs to build up different resources for the production of buildings like woodcutter’s hut, stone quarry and such others. Alongside this, they also need to protect defensive towers against the enemy attack for growing stronger and saving themselves in the PVP battles. This is possible with the use of tactics and strategies.

Make Your Trade Route

Players have the option of establishing their own trade route in between the cities and NPC towns. This will provide them with a lot of resources like food for supporting the growth and development of their realm.

Research New Technologies

Players can use all the gathered resources for researching many different technologies. Those technologies include weapon technology, defense technology, resource technology, etc. This will help the player build up their team in a more formidable army alongside doing major improvements to several kinds of building they made.

What’s New in This Version?

These are the new things included in the game;

  •         A new upcoming thanksgiving event
  •         Official beginning of the season 5 of the Osiris league
  •         Improvements in the events
  •         There is new equipment system
  •         Optimizations in silk road speculators and shadow legion


If you like to play the warfare games the Rise of kingdom mod apk latest version is a thing for you. In the beginning of the game there is a tutorial for the beginners to understand the game. Following that tutorial step by step can surely make you learn everything about the game like the skills needed, features, different modes, etc.

The game will begin from a small village or city that you need to upgrade to a big city with huge buildings alongside improving the civilizations. The main building is called the city hall. Enemies can attack you any time for stealing your resources. Following this, you must keep in mind that your foremost duty is to protect your people and the city.

Alongside this, you have things to make your city grow rapidly to attack all the neighboring cities and loot them. Also there is an option for you to join the alliance and make an alley with other players. Rise of kingdoms mod apk + obb enables you to teleport your city anywhere in your entire kingdom with the use of teleport items.


Downloading a modified version of Rise of Kingdom is not difficult. In fact, it is a really straightforward task for the one who has a bit of info about android. However, to download the game you need to find out any of the reliable resources and simply click on to begin your downloading process. But keep in mind that the internet is full of several fraud and scam links so be careful and find a reliable page.

How to Install?

The installation of the game is simple. Here are the steps mentioned for you to follow to install Rise of Kingdom mod apk.

  1. Maybe you also know that modified apps are not available on Google Play store and therefore belong to third-party. Following this, you need your device to allow the installation of such apps.
  2. For this, simply go to the settings of your android device and search for the option of unknown source. Toggle that on to let the installation process begin.
  3. Now you need to go back to the downloaded mod apk file of the game and click that to initiate installation.
  4. Finally, all you need to do is to wait for the completion of installing and you are ready to get into the thrill of Rise of Kingdom mod apk.

Opinion About The Game

In my opinion, this is a warfare game that is full of adventure of building a whole kingdom out of resources and stuff. It is really fun to spend your time battling with the enemies alongside growing your empire and protecting your people. If you win the battle you will be getting several things in rewards too. So yes it is worth it to download and play games.


What are the Rise of Kingdom commanders?

These are all the ride of kingdom commanders;

  • Alexander
  • Yi Seong Gye
  • Richard
  • Saladin
  • Khan
  • Constantine

How many GB is Rise of Kingdom?

Rise of Kingdom is for 1 GB. It is not quite bulky for your devices and you can easily download and play it.

Can I play Rise of Kingdom on PC?

Yes you can play Rise of Kingdom on your PC. However, for that you need to download android emulator first and then the game to make it work like an android device for your windows.

What are the MOD features included in Rise of Kingdom mod apk?

There are a lot of amazing mod features included in the game. The players can enjoy unlimited money, diamonds, gems, commanders VIP points and all resources unlocked. For sure, these are all quite useful mod features that make your experience great.

Bottom Line!

This is a game that you will be playing like a king with unlimited resources. It is a war and strategy game with a lot of mod features like gems, money, and diamonds. You can have enormous fun enjoying all its different levels with resources that are all unlimited. Sounds fun, right? It is super fun so download it now and begin building your empire.

What's new

1. Thanksgiving Events Coming Soon
2. Official Start of Season 5 of the Osiris League!
3. Event Improvements


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