What is ConfigAPK App?

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ConfigAPK is a free Android app that allows you to configure your APKs before installing them on your device. You can use it to change permissions, read-only status, and more. ConfigAPK was created by developers who were tired of modifying APK files with text editors and wanted a simpler solution. With ConfigAPK, you can extract resources like strings, images, layouts, and other types of data from your Android apps without having to open them up in an editor. Now you briefly know what is ConfigAPK App. However, to know the details, read below.

ConfigAPK makes it easy to explore the contents of any APK file by providing a user interface where one can browse files in different folders within the package. It also provides features such as ‘show hidden files’, which are normally not visible when using Windows Explorer or Finder.

This new app provides useful information about APKs, such as file size and the SDK version. It also has an in-app browser for viewing web pages related to APKs. ConfigAPK lets you view all of this information in one place. This way, you can make informed decisions when downloading apps from Google Play or other sources.

How does ConfigAPK Work?

ConfigAPK is a new app that allows you to configure your Android apps without rooting your devices. It can change the configuration of your device by adding or removing applications, packages, and permissions. It can also modify the build.prop values for advanced users who are looking for more tweaking options on their devices. 

Moreover, it helps developers to distribute their APKs. It provides an alternative way of distributing your apps without the need for the Google Play Store. It also offers you the opportunity to monetize your app by charging users before downloading it, which is impossible with Google Play Store.

ConfigAPK was designed as a toolkit for developers who want to control how they deploy and manage their app’s updates but don’t require full-fledged configuration management.

ConfigAPK runs in two modes: Expert Mode and Basic Mode. With Expert Mode, you have access to all of the configurable items in ConfigAPK. At the same time, with Basic Mode, you are limited to only removing apps from your device’s system partition. It will help keep it running smoothly even when the device is low on storage space.

Is ConfigAPK a Safe Application?

ConfigAPK is an application that developers created to make configuring Android devices with APK files easier. Installing apps on an Android device can be tedious, and many people have trouble with the installation process.

ConfigAPK simplifies this process by allowing users to upload their desired APK file, select which device they would like it installed on, and then download the newly configured app. If you are looking for a safe way to configure your Android phone or tablet with new apps, ConfigAPK may be just what you need. 

The app ConfigAPK is a complete package for Android phones. It has tons of features that you can use to customize the Android phone faster and better. The ConfigAPK is safe and will not harm your mobile phone. It does not have any virus or malware in it.

Is ConfigAPK Draining your Battery?

ConfigAPK battery drain is a common issue that has been going around with some users. This app is a great way to change your phone’s configuration while the device is not rooted. However, it does have its own sets of pros and cons. 

The good thing about this app is that it is a small file and doesn’t take up much space, but it also has a bad side. The issue with the app is that it drains your battery because of its “Battery Saving” mode feature. ConfigAPK has this “Battery Saving” mode for those who need to make changes to their phone’s configuration frequently without having to keep the app open all of the time.

It causes ConfigAPK to run in the background and consume your phone’s battery and cause it to drain instead of saving it. The long-term effects of this are what cause your phone’s battery to drain fast. 

However, there is a fix for this problem, and you won’t need to delete the app or stop using it. To fix the battery drain issue with this app, you need to turn off the “Battery Saving” setting by going into its Settings and changing it from “On” to “Off”. You can also adjust your phone’s settings and find which will help save your battery instead of draining it.

How To Disable or  Uninstall ConfigAPK App on Android?

Having a ConfigAPK app on your phone doesn’t slow down the overall performance of your phone. It’s just there to help configure the settings of other apps on the go without the need to install the apps with customized settings all over again.

Like any other apps, ConfigAPK can be disabled or uninstalled if you don’t plan to use it. Unlike normal apps that you can disable by going into Settings > Apps, disabling ConfigAPK requires some more steps, which are listed below:

  • Go to Security > Device Administrators
  • Find ConfigAPK in the list and uncheck it
  • It will ask for confirmation, choose OK
  • If you want to uninstall it completely from your phone, go to Settings > Apps, select ConfigAPK, and tap Uninstall.


To make your Android devices more customized, ConfigAPK is an app that enables you to customize the interface of any device. It includes adding new themes and removing pre-installed apps or wallpapers with just one click. With no ads, in-app purchases, permissions changes, or root access required (unless it’s already enabled), this application is perfect if you want something simple but powerful enough to help transform your phone into something unique.

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