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Are you also tired of the same old school PVP shooting games? If yes then Tank Blitz mod apk is just for you. It enables you to customize your tank for fighting against real players in any way you want. Doing this opens you to the option of getting a lot of rewards and stuff.

When the point is about war, then tanks are the ultimate vehicle option. They are potential enough to cover a good amount of land with high fire power for your enemies. This is the reason most of the armies all around the world have several battle tanks that help them in all cases of emergencies. If you love to play fighting shooting games but now want something new and unique then download world of tanks blitz mod apk latest version.

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Main Features of The Game

Tanks are one of the most essential machines in battles and wars. They are basic provisions of support for basic ground troops and surely they deal with massive destruction to enemies. The game has a lot of exclusive features making it an interesting thing for you. You will see a lot of modes, maps, and vehicles in the world of tanks blitz mod apk. Here are some of the features in detail;

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Enjoy A Lot of Vehicles

The modified version of the game, you get access to a lot of vehicles to enjoy, yes almost 400 vehicles. Primarily all these vehicles are tanks with some other war machines. Some real life engineers have designed the images of these vehicles so they seem like the same as actual vehicles in the game. Surely there is no room for boredom especially for those who are into battles and shooting.

Customization for Your Weapons and Tanks

You get several options for your tanks and weapon customization to make it work your way. Most of the game items are free to use but some require you to have mods. In the shop menu, you need to spend some gold to buy the premium stuff. However, the modified version of the game gives you unlimited gold so you can easily buy whatever you want to.

Enjoy Different Event Every Week

There are a lot of events that happen every week in the game. In fact, after regularly participating in events you will begin getting daily rewards by doing your daily challenges. In the world of tank blitz mod apk, you have the option to unlock more huge tanks and other certain vehicles by completing challenges in the events.

Multiple Maps and battlegrounds

There are several battlegrounds and maps in the game. This is one of the most popular war shooting games so its developer worked hard to make this game as great as possible. Following this, it includes 25 different battleground arenas. If you are not amused by the battleground then you have an option to choose some other arena for another level of fun and excitement. To summarize, this means that the game offers you a peak level of flexibility to choose and play in a way you want.

Join a Clan with Your Friends

If you do everything going much further then there is an option to play and enjoy the game with your friends. This way you don’t get alone and surely your enjoyment gets multiplied as you are with your friends. Join the clan and become a masterpiece. You have an option to be the partner of all like-minded gamers and get popular on a bigger scale.

Amusing MMO PVP

There are a great deal of MMO and PVP games within the game that you can enjoy now. The good thing is that only a few of those games focus on tanks, so if you are a bit bored from the main tank thing then playing these games will take you away from that boredom and you can enjoy everything as a whole.

Unlimited Gold and Tanks

For sure you want to enjoy tanks, that’s why you are getting into this game. So if you download its modified apk version then you will get unlimited gold. You can use that gold to unlock all your tanks and other locked weapons to enjoy the game at its fullest. There won’t be any hassle for money or resources to hinder you.

What’s New In This Version?

There is a new update in the game that is 5.2 and that comes with the following things;

  • You will see ribbons that show you your success in the war.
  •  There is a new challenging in-game event that you must need to win and that’s all. So make sure to take it easy as it’s not that complicated.
  •  There is a new twister season that possesses more teams, more top level battles with more rewards to make you happy.
  • Also, you can enjoy a new Faust map that features a war for occupying a secret base with a mysterious weapon that gets developed.
  • There is a new gravity force mode with the thruster ability.
  • You will need more minerals in the operation red planer and in the newly added explorer tank.


Basically, world of tank blitz mod apk is a tank battle game. In the game, you will come to see a great variety of tanks and different big and small war machines that were actually part of the 2nd world war and are still in use by different armed forces.

This is simply a game that needs you to have a stable internet connection. The game features a lot of modes. It gives you the opportunity to play it alone, fighting against your opponents or with your friends.

As a gamer, your work is to drive all the war vehicles and use all the weapons in the best possible direction and shoot all your enemies. This way you will get to know about the adventures of real-life war grooming your mind.


The application of the game is easy to download, or you can download world of tanks blitz as per your system requirements. Simply find out any reliable source to download the app on your device or else bugs can attack. After finding out the link, simply click that and wait for the modified apk version of the game to download. After downloading you need to install it on your device.


The installation of the world of tank blitz mod apk is easy. Here are the steps you need to follow;

  1. This is a modified version of the game, which definitely belongs to a third party so you need to permit it to install on your phone.
  2. For permission, go to your device setting and click on the button on unknown sources. Toggle that on to let the apk file install on your device.
  3. After this, go to your download file, click that and your installation will begin.
  4. Wait a bit for the installation to end and now you are ready to enjoy a great battle game with all real-life weapons and different kinds of tanks.

Opinion About The Game

In my opinion this is a game of class and level. The graphics of the game are amazing as it keeps you hanging. All the tanks and weapons that belonged to the time of the 2nd world war are really amazing. And the best thing about this game is when you install its apk mod version as it is a world of tanks mod apk unlimited gold and money. So this gets really interesting and exciting to play as you have nothing to worry and you can just get anything you want using your unlimited resources. For sure, playing this game is a big hit if you are an action and war kind of gaming person.


How much ram does the world of tanks blitz use?

To say it directly, it makes use of 4 GBs of RAM. It is not that heavy application to use. However, you must need to have this much space to make it work properly.

Is wot blitz better than wot?

Yes, WOT blitz is better than the simple wot PC. The design, user interface and several other things including graphics all are better. Also, now people like to play things on their tablets and mobiles more than on their computers. So yes WOT blitz gives more unique experience in comparison to the simple wot.

What is the most powerful tank in the World of tanks blitz?

Arguably, FV215b 183 is the most powerful tank in the world of tank blitz.

How many GB is the world of tanks?

The file size is massive, it takes 1.4 GB of your device. However, it gives you the best user experience.

Bottom Line!

Playing the games gives you an amazing experience as it is all about war, fighting, tanks and weapons. If you are an action lover then it is a must to download a game for you. There are several different kinds of events for your different weapons and tanks to use. There is no room for boredom as it is a whole big unique action game package. Just get into it.

What's new

- BLACK FRIDAY event! Get prizes for purchases, including the shiny new M48A2 Räumpanzer with a dozer blade!
- New NATIONAL VOICEOVERS! The crews of Polish, Czechoslovakian, and Italian tanks will now speak their native language.
- Two modes! Fight in cosmic GRAVITY FORCE and rigorous REALISTIC BATTLES.
- Let's celebrate winter! Check out the festive Operation HIGH TIME and the AMXmas tank.


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